Has anyone else had problems with Yell/ Yell.com? Going to court?



  • cassie0
    We have been advertising with yell for the past few years, when we received our renewal letter last summer we decided not to bother with them any more and put the letter in the bin. We received another letter after xmas and put that in the bin too. My husband received a phone call from a yell worker on 17th March telling him we owe them £157.20 as we didn't cancel our contract with them. He explained that normally we have to sign the paperwork to authorise the advert and as we didn't want to advertise we binned it. she said they have contacted us many times to remind - that would be one letter, and we should have read the small print. Next day we received a threatening letter with lots of red writing advising that if we don't pay within 5 days it will be put in the hands of debt collectors. I sent a letter to the woman at Yell the following day - recorded delivery, asking for copies of all correspondence as we have none. Not sure how we stand on this - any ideas?
  • katiaf
    I own a hair and beauty salon and I was searching for a way to invest to grow my hair salon part.

    This rep of yell promised me the moon for a very expensive advert but that was promise to be life changing for the salon.
    Is been a disaster and I can't cancel the contract. I paid the first few rates and improved my already beautiful website as they where blaming was the Couse of the unsuccessful advert.
    I can t pay this crazy monthly rates any more, I stop the dd and say to they rep that this advert is not worth in any way the money that costs!!
    the credits team is becoming very aggressive now...don't know what else to do...is this going to affect my company credit score? is the first time that my company miss payments since 2010.
  • dvdrdl
    dvdrdl Posts: 104 Forumite
    this is probably a bit late in the thread but all my previous experience with yell has been shocking. They're real crooks and the sooner their ship sinks the better.
    Big advertisers get real perks and have all but crushed the small guys that used to advertise with them. They will even go as far as create fake addresses and disable reviews to allow crooked companies to continue operating.
    Real bad apple.
  • Daniele_Cosaro
    Hello there,
    I know your posts are quite old now but now in 2015 I find myself in a very similar situation. Our sales representative said to us he doesn't deal with cancellations. We tried to talk with a manager but they didn't allow us. So email over emails and no real answers. We are going through the same described on your post years earlier. We decided to spend over 120 pounds a month with yell. No results at all. it was really a terrible choice we absolutely regret. We are in touch with trading standard and Citizens Advice Bourou. But we are also looking for suggestions from people that already went through this nightmare. Just to receive suggestions on how to deal with this company. If anybody has experienced the same as we had. Please get in touch with us.
  • londonTiger
    londonTiger Posts: 4,903 Forumite
    Wow things must've massively taken a nosedive since 10 years ago. Yellow pages were a household name and a trusted brand, if you wanted to find a business you just needed to look at the yellow pages. Now they're resorting to scam hat sales selling rubbish services that Indian seo companies do.

    I came across a few local aquarium, who used the same exact website design. I thought they were part of a franchise or something. Nope they were indies, they bought services from yell who made the same 5 page cookie cutter website for them
  • Double_V
    Double_V Posts: 912 Forumite
    Yell are jokes.
  • Lee9538
    Lee9538 Posts: 1 Newbie
    We also fell for the hard sales techniques by Yell.com. They say they are partners with google and try their best to encourage you to take out a google ad words campaign. Once you agree they send a slick representative (who actually arrived within an hour of my call) and get you to sign up for a minimum of 6 months. We had no increase in sales and this felt like a total scam. You can do exactly the same thing yourself by ringing up AdWords directly.
  • neil999
    neil999 Posts: 1 Newbie
    edited 29 June 2016 at 9:52AM
    I have similar issue with yell. is there a cancellation clause anywhere.

    cheers neil
  • debica2808
    Hello, yes, I had tons of problems with them too. I left a review for a horrible dog carer who failed on her service completely and then did not return our money paid in advance. She made false claims attempting to get money from us but got none. When I posted feedback on yell, where she has about 23 fake reviews from friends, yell removed both feedbacks. After a long battle with them, I got nowhere and my feedback was still removed. They simply remove all negative feedback so if you advertise with yell, you'll only get positive reviews, no mater if they are fake!
    Then I left another comment about the same negligent dog carer, same thing happened. Not mentioning that the dog carer called me to threaten me with a court even though she breached the contract, she did not return our money, she claimed for costs which are irritated and for which she has no receipts and now she thinks I'm not allowed to post my opinion! She thinks like Hitler more than a service provider so anyone living in Woking area should be very wary of they leave their dogs with!
    Anyway, now Im on my third lot of comments on yell and lets see how quickly those get removed. I'll be going around all internet forums to make people aware of this scam.
  • Hi,I have miss sold contract by YELL rep. He told me yell will host my emails with new page and yell will set up facebook and tweeter profile for me. So I was happy with that and sign a contract. All was smooth to the day when payment for design gone from my account. Then is starts! Was horrible way to make changes in design and I find out Yell was unable to host my emails. They request to resign my domain to them name ( not redirect). So domain wont be register on my name any more! Thats was try to get my domain and control me on yell way!! Bad Bad! So I agree to reduce monthly charge hosting from yell so I can pay my hosting company. OK fair enough! But yell decide that never gonna happen! Lie to me and change what we agree! That was beginning of problems. When I ask for my facebook and tweeter profile yell said they never doing that:( When I said I was told by yell rep. will get ALL PROFILES yell told me YOU SHOULD READ YOUR CONTRACT!! So yell sending reps to miss sell just to get money from customers and after sending stinky emails and taking to deb recovery companies. I was complaint servant times to manager and all possible way. But no matter what, they wont my money! Will complain to trading standards and BE AWARE OF BAD SERVICE PROVIDED:(
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