Has anyone else had problems with Yell/ Yell.com? Going to court?



  • Oli.D-B
    Hi Paula, am going through a very similar story with yell, except they have taken the money with no results. I have a link pending, and that is it. I am trying to get my money back, but nobody is contacting me. A lot of hard selling, promises, poor if no results. I am out of pocket by just under £400, and have nothing to show other than a string of " Ticket " emails, leading me nowhere.
    I have just contacted You and Yours, BBC radio 4. They are great at looking into this kind of poor service.
    Good luck
  • 1upsecurity
    They are a bunch of conmen. Big promises but no results. In my book, thats called FRAUD!
  • mandycatlow
    what happened? because i'm in the same situation now! this company should be stopped!
  • Danb052k
    Hi All,

    I am currently going through this with Yell.com as well. A sales rep came to my house in April 2018 and we agreed on a "monthly rolling contract of £82.50 per month for a basic listing and sponsored VIP spot for 2 areas". I was handed the laptop whereby on the screen was a blown up box for me to put my signature in.

    I signed, I was happy with what we had agreed. Then the next day I received the PDF file of what I had signed and while it states "monthly rolling contract" in large print at the top of the signature box, at the bottom, in little font it says "minimum 12 month term". This was NOT discussed or even mentioned when the sales rep was at my house.

    So I tried to cancel, after an argument the sales rep agreed that if it was not working for me in August this year then he would agree to just cancel it. I slept on it, and decided that no, I want to cancel now. Only to be told that I had signed the contract so could now not cancel until April 2019.

    Before people say "you should have seen the 12 month minimum term statement" - I would have done if the sales rep had not enlarged the signature box for me to sign, his words were "this is just to say you are happy with what we have discussed" - and I was happy...but he chose not to discuss ALL of it which is my complaint.

    So, after speaking to Citizen's Advice, I have logged a complaint with the Consumer Helpline (03454 04 05 06), who in turn, register it with trading standards. They also advised that I should do some research to see if others have had similar issues, if there are lot's of people who have fallen for the same tactic (not disclosing the 12 month minimum term until AFTER you have signed) then it could demonstrate to a judge that it isn't the customer's who are in the wrong, but that something else is the root cause of it - i.e mis-selling tactics.

    Therefore, can I ask that others who have been sucked in to this scam as well please register it with the Consumer Helpline?

    I know that we are only little people here but if we all stand up then maybe someone might listen and help do something about these rogue companies.

    Thank you,
  • Johnny_Ad
    It's called E-contracting, as soon as you sign you are bound by the contract and they will not let you cancel. At the point of sale they have to make it clear how long the contract is for. You can insist they provide you with a transcript of the telephone call if it was their tele sales team, If it was a sale rep visiting you, you can't do that. All their sales are made business to business so there is no cooling off period to cancel.

    This is a very common issue with Yell, If you search for "Yell Trustpilot" - filter by 1 star and you can see time and time again people complaining of the same thing.

    Keep a record of every email and letter you send.

    Stick to your guns that you were missold. They are very unpleasant to deal with if you want to cancel. What they don't want is publicity about what they are doing.

    You and the above person are quite right - what they are doing need investigating.

    Other thing you could do is try posting on the business facebook page / trustpilot page or emailing the head of yell directly as then I believe they have to deal with the complaint differently.

    I think the trustpilot review will give the judge a lot of evidence- a lot on there are obviously fake positive ones - you can see the real ones very easily and most have a similar complaint to yours.
  • Littleone28
    Hi I know this is a really old thread but wondered if you got this sorted and if so how?
    Many thanks
  • markvincent
    Hi, I am having the same problem with Yell.com .
    They sold me advertising which didn't deliver what they promised.
    I am considering going to the small claims court to recover my money.
    Since taking out the advertising which includes a website I haven't had a single phone call,
    The product that they sold me is obviously defective ,I paid out over 1,100 pounds in the reasonable expectation that I would receive some business from the ads, but to date I have had no response whatsoever.
    They bombarded me with statistics about how I would be too of the listings ect ,it is and was all nonsense.
  • markvincent
    I believe that the minimum 12 month contract sold by Yell should be illegal, and that only monthly rolling contracts should be allowed.
    A monthly rolling contract would allow the advertiser to gauge whether the advert is working for them and if it isn't delivering they can go elsewhere.
    Also their should be a cooling off period for any contract.
    Which means the buyer is protected from salespeople using hardselling techniques.
  • markvincent
    Hi Alex I have read your post with interest, I know it is a bit late, but I would be interested to know if you got your problem with Yell resolved and did you take them to the small claims court and what was the result..
    I am having problems with Yell my self and am considering taking my case to the small claims court.
  • Comms69
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    what most people seem to misunderstand is that you are not buying a consumer good. This is a commercial contract and as such you have no consumer rights.

    As a business - research before you sign.
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