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CV writing services - Any good?

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  • I thought I should have my cv written by a pro about 6 months ago and I was outrageous with service.
    They changed the meaning of the sentences, ignored important elements of my experience and they seem frustrated when asked for changes!
    Not a single interview after my cv was re-written.
    It was a waste of money.

    However, I know people who had their CV professionally written and got many interviews.
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    go to fiver user onewd2wd for a professional cv service

    And that wouldnt be your own account there would it? ;)
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  • Why would anybody in the UK want a CV written by someone who doesn't even have a decent grasp of English.

    Spam reported yet again.
  • which website did you use?
  • mattcanarymattcanary Forumite
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    While I wasn't taught about CV's at school, I remember writing a CV as part of a general studies module during my engineering HNC.

    However, the most helpful activity I've found is to be on the other side - sifting through CV's from job applicants. You very quickly get a feel for what is a good CV and what isn't.

    I certainly never learnt about writing CVs at school.
    Completed my A Levels back in 1994 though.
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  • mac.dmac.d Forumite
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    Is this whole thread just a spammers delight?
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    mac.d wrote: »
    Is this whole thread just a spammers delight?

    ... looks like a new spammer discovering that link privileges need to be earned ... random text copy/paste currently being used to build a post-count on the G&E board, probably before coming back and dropping a link in the highlighted text .... :eek: ... quite funny really, seeing posts in threads you've been following repeated, but totally out of context ..... :D ....

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  • I see so many CV's that read like a job description. Wrong. An employer wants to know about your work related achievements.

    Mirror the words that are used in the job ad/job description and evidence how you meet the competency. Because that is what the ATS software is going to do - search for those key words and weight your application based on how well matched you are to the spec.
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    I've deleted it as spam. Apart from the fact it's a new member, the contributor can't even be bothered to write in UK English.
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  • You can find great CV's online. I stole my curriculum vitae from an Birmingham software developer (from his site I came across on Bing) who quite frankly has an amazing CV with an excellent list of skills and personal statement.

    Actually, I don't think I've ever made my own curriculum vitae from scratch. I stole my previous CV from a 4rd year student studying digital media.

    Complete madness paying $100-200 for someone to write it for you. How can you even be sure they are doing it themselves? They may steal the content online as I've been doing. Give your money to charity if your so inclined on spending that amount.

    You can write a CV just as good as those services perhaps even better, if you took the time and thought about what you need to write. (it's ironic me saying that since I steal my CV's but some things are better plagiarised).
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