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CV writing services - Any good?

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    I was going to ask how many pages a CV should be but my question has been answered

    Thank you everyone
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    [QUOTE=audie;66784383]I've just had my CV revised by a lady on gumtree, after 15 weeks out of work and sending my CV to hundreds of jobs, my new CV has got me three interviews!!! All for next week, a bit nervous but so grateful to this lady, her details are: , I was a bit worried as she didn't charge me very much, only £23.99 but she gave me support to lots and lots of questions whizzing around in my head for the following week and a free covering letter! I forgot to mention that I had previously paid just over £80 for the same service when I was first unemployed only to get my CV back with a huge, yellow border and the font was changed grrr so angry. Hope this is helpful to all of you who are in my position :)[/QUOTE]

    call me cynical but given your username and the email address of this 'lady' on gumtree, i would hazard a guess that they are one in the same
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    audie isn't the sharpest tool in the box, is she?
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  • ohreally wrote: »
    audie isn't the sharpest tool in the box, is she?

    not the greatest advert for a service that should look at the details:)
  • I used that My CV Hero from the paper the other day and they were really good to be fair. My CV is 10x's better and my missus also used them and her CV was terrible to start with.....Although she is blonde :eek: and a hairdresser!!
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    The higher the salary of the job applied for, the less effective CV writing services are. Think about that for a moment, and you will realise.

    Yes - because the people writing the CV are unlikely to have any experience of working in the industry (there are few high-paying jobs, relatively speaking). They are therefore unlikely to know what the employer would be looking for.
  • I would also support the point that you can find a lot of useful information on the internet for free. There are plenty of websites that give a detailed guideline on how a good CV should look like, what points you should highlight and what points are not worth mentioning. If you need some feedback on the design - blur the CV (so it is not readable) and put it on the forum so everyone can give their opinion for free.
  • Most of the websites suggested seem to specialise in relatively junior CVs, anyone has an experience using such services further on in their career?
  • I used an online cv service- my perfect cv which offered a trial of 14 days for 2.99, provided you cancel within that time , it said there would be no further charge ( according to website) I emailed to cancel but they went ahead and charged me £23 on top of this. I emailed a further 4 times to cancel and tried to ring but they have continued to take 2 more payments of 23.88 off me. There is a similar site elsewhere which seems to operate in the same fashion which has recieved many complaints- my advice - save your money and your frustration and just follow cv advice from all the main online job finder sites- good advice and free. I wish I had!
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    Jobcentre sent me to a place to get mine done when I was signing on a few years ago.

    Then a recruitment agency commented on how awful it was.

    I then showed them my initial CV (the one that the CV place completely changed for me) and they said ''that's much better''

    Seems to be a personal preference thing, so likely not something worth worrying about.
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