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CV writing services - Any good?

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  • I paid for a new CV from the CV Store about a month ago. Think it cost me around £35. I was really impressed with it. Although I had good feedback on my old CV, I wasn't getting the interviews. The new one is brilliant, really professional and better than anything I could have ever done.

    It took about 24 hours for them to do it, and they do free updates to it for 12 months.
  • If you're excellent at writing; if you're really introspective and great at analysing your own strengths, achievements and skills; if you have good English, wordprocessing and formatting skills... then you can probably manage it yourself.

    If you don't possess these skills, then it could be worthwhile having a discussion with several CV writers to see which one best understands your requirements. Try not to be price driven - this is an investment in your future.

    Check that their testimonials are genuine and make sure they're prepared to talk to you at length so that you don't receive a generic CV that could belong to anyone. Having a great CV is one thing; having one that best reflects YOU is another.

    depending on the work you are looking for, and for good general advice this site is very good to give you tips and hints for writing a CV. I used it for a few jobs and got interviews and jobs from it. It is free too.
  • i used and they're good! they offer extensive service and different prices depending on your qualifications, plus they offer 100% money back guarantee. it was worth it, i got many interview calls all due to my new CV and i got a suitable job within less than 1 month!
  • CycrowCycrow Forumite
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    i was struggling to get interviews so i decide to pay for a cv writing services and it helped me alot, with the new CV i started to get alot more interviews.

    the job i finally got, even commented on the way i wrote my personal statement.

    Being dyslexic and not very good at writing, i was never good at writing CVs
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  • makeyourdaddyproudmakeyourdaddyproud Users Awaiting Email Confirmation
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    The higher the salary of the job applied for, the less effective CV writing services are. Think about that for a moment, and you will realise.
  • You should really write your own CV.

    Why not pop down to your local library. My local library has an entire section dedicated to 'career', including many books on how to write a CV.
  • keepcalmandstayoutofdebtkeepcalmandstayoutofdebt Forumite
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    My local FE college provided CV writing service free of charge
    I've just twicked it over the years ;);) and much more recently a jobcentre adviser looked over it and made some recommendations alongside the power of the 'net (while it might have been a tick box exercise defo gave me food for thought even though I was getting interviews see maybe my CV was marketing me in the wrong light) they can also set you up an appointment free of charge with the National Careers Service is it, for creating a CV - don't waste money :money:

  • The CV Centre

    I was suspicious about these services but when I was coming up to the end of a contract, I read a recommendation for the above in The Guardian.

    I thought that I would give it a go and sent the company a disorganised set of Word documents that gave some evidence to my academic and professional background. A couple of days later the CV was sent to me (along with a generic cover letter that I had also ordered). They were so impressive that I asked myself if it was me they were referring to!

    I used the CV and the cover letter for a speculative campaign which resulted in me getting a job with only three weeks of unemployment. I sent them to about 50 employers in an industry which has suffered badly during the recession. Employers who weren't recruiting took the time to praise my CV.

    In short, the CV Centre did a far better job than I would have done and the fee paid for itself thousands of times over with a new job.
  • J_i_mJ_i_m Forumite
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    I used one to have my CV "professionally" re written. And to be honest, for the price I paid, (the best part of £50) they didn't actually modify the example I sent them very much.

    Although they did alter the presentation graphics, and also beefed up my personal profile to make it sound more impressive. They didn't add anything, didn't take anything away, just basically reorganised it a little bit.

    My HR adviser has seen it, and says that it is brilliant and she's surprised that I haven't secured a new job yet.
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