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CV writing services - Any good?

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  • Hi MDave1. I thiks its really great you are offering to do this. I have sent you a DM, please look out for it.
    I am early retired Associate Manager, part of the Operations Recruitment team of a large American bank in London. I have seen 1000's of CV's and interviewed 100's of job seekers.
    Please note 99% of CV's are discarded after a few seconds scan, too long, too short, to flowery language, not specific to the role, too much business speak and so the list goes on and on.
    I am not offering to write CV's because the job seeker or candidate has to be 100% confident to answer related questions. What I am happy to offer free of charge – dependent on the level of interest - is to work with people on their CV’s and maybe give some guidance on the interview process.
  • you will get a copy and paste response. dont believe me? send two cv's from different emails with different names, check the responses.. they will match.
  • BogalotBogalot Forumite
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    Write your own professional resume that will put you ahead of the pack, starts with the best online resume builder available.

    3 simple steps to get your resume

    1) Choose resume template from the industry approved 15 designs.

    2) Select from Pre-written examples written by professional resume writers.

    3) Download resumes in PDF / HTML format.

    It's free to try, we are sure you will love it.

    I hear they do a tasty line in SPAM too.
  • AshleyBurfAshleyBurf Forumite
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    paulfoel wrote: »
    Some seem cheap and some expensive but there are so many...

    Is it even worth bothering? If so, which one?

    I am looking for a new job at the moment and thinking about this because my writing skills kinda suck. It's a wonder why they didn't teach us how to write a CV at school? Were you taught? I wasn't! I

    I checked out some of the cv writing services, it seems that there is a lot. There is a site, which has reviewed a few of the top ones.

    Looking at that site, it seems that there are a couple of cv services that offer money back guarantees when they write it for you. Also, some will do free CV reviews for you. I guess that is pretty good, I will try it and write back.

    Good luck anyone on their job search! :beer:
    Love is the answer :j
  • It depends on what level job you are looking for. My CV is based on a professionally written one my friend paid for and happily shared with me. We are both in roles paying between £40k-£50k.

    Chances are it is probably seeing if you can get hold of a CV from a similar industry and job level to what you are looking for before spending money on such a service.
  • steer well clear of my perfect cv they are scam artists they don't tell you that you keep on paying for their cv indefinitely and seemingly impossible to stop their payments going out most people do'nt realise its happening for a week or often longer the only way to stop them is to make sure the bank are instructed to send no more payments, if any one has been successful in getting their money back then please post it here so i can let others know
  • I think they are all scammers
  • jamesperrettjamesperrett Forumite
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    AshleyBurf wrote: »
    It's a wonder why they didn't teach us how to write a CV at school? Were you taught? I wasn't! I

    While I wasn't taught about CV's at school, I remember writing a CV as part of a general studies module during my engineering HNC.

    However, the most helpful activity I've found is to be on the other side - sifting through CV's from job applicants. You very quickly get a feel for what is a good CV and what isn't.
  • DaveVer wrote: »
    Hi MDave1. I thiks its really great you are offering to do this. I have sent you a DM, please look out for it.

    It's a good job he's not offering to write people's CVs. The grammar in his post was poor.
  • How can we get in contact? It would be great to have some advice
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