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April 2011 Grocery Challenge

edited 29 March 2011 at 10:35AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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    aussiemumaussiemum Forumite
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    edited 5 April 2011 at 10:23AM
    Mothership, sending hugs to you.

    Well I had aimed for a nsd today but its not to be, $7.95 on tissues and vit C as DS has started with a cold (which he has so kindly shared with me :( )
    And another $2.95 on 2 pizza rolls for my lunch (1 for today and 1 for tomorrow)
    Left over lasagne for tea tonight, was going to make pasties with left over corned beef but that will have to wait till tomorrow i think
    Soooo tired this afternoon.
  • laineyc_2laineyc_2 Forumite
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    Doing ok this month, I think. Dinner tonight will be a chorizo & bacon potato bake. I need to buy some bacon and spuds. I have a Sa***bury delivery tomorrow. Then I should only need to pick up milk and veg for the last 2 weeks.
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  • Rachel021967Rachel021967 Forumite
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    Spent 50p on a drink and biscuit at coffee morning. Off to update signature.
  • quintwinsquintwins Forumite
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    morning all, i did a shop today to spend my dtd voucher and went over by £3.68, i got confused cause i changed my list pity dtd is capped or i'd get it all back still i got my roasties and pizza for the freezer some toothpaste and tissues and some 9p pasta :D (which i now have 5bags of) so not alot for £24 really but still plenty for £3.68, i also got some huggies swim nappies for 99p (half price with a £1.50 off voucher), i'm acually doing really well (it might not like it) i have LOADS of food in and all i need for my meal plan for the rest of the month is some mushrooms,bacon and creme fraice and then milk, fruit, and veg , i will keep doing dtd tho as it's really helped me build stuff up

    i also got some magnums but i brought them to oh at work, will update my sig now, chicken casarole for tea
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  • KittikinsKittikins Forumite
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    45p on some bourbon biscuits which I'm naughtily munching instead of saving them for DD and her little friend who is coming to play after school.....I wasn't organised enough to make cakes for them, naughty Kittikins :(
    50p on a pack of mushrooms in Lidl.

    But on the plus side, I did bring in a lovely salad and fruit to the office for lunch :)
  • walby1993walby1993 Forumite
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    Debt-free and Proud!
    Put me down for a tiny £100 for the month please!
    :heart: Became Mrs W in 2011 :heart:
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    Paid off 100% :dance:
  • Hello to all on here, I've been reading and taking lOADS of ideas! Downloaded the spendometer, trying to get to £100 a week, 2 adults & 2 Kids (19 & 14), one foreign student (28), seem to walk into Sainsbug and spend £22 or £23 every time, even if I go in for milk. Stupid shop is a tiny walk away so I tend to pop up 3 or 4 times a week as well as big shop and butcher shop.

    Really need to focus, got another student coming next week, 6 foot 7inches! He's going to trash my budget, so far this week spent £107, Budget was £100, will run out of milk and bread!! aaaaggghh!
    April GC: £500/ 508.24:eek: NSD's 3:rotfl:
    cc debt £2355 / -£920
  • LaineyC wrote: »
    Dinner tonight will be a chorizo & bacon potato bake.

    This sounds nice. How do you make it?
  • Billie-joBillie-jo Forumite
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    mrspauper wrote: »
    This sounds nice. How do you make it?

    Was thinking the same thing. :)

    Mothership - sorry to hear about your mum and everything. Some things are hard to understand but people have their reasons for doing what they do.

    A NSD here today although DH did say 'shall we go and get something for lunch from the shops' - WHY when there is stuff in - so anyway lunch today was boiled egg and soldiers for me and DH had an omelette with salad and the purse stayed firmly shut. :rotfl:

    Using up some ham frozen from Christmas for tea and will have it with some potatoes, veg and cheese sauce.
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  • laineyc_2laineyc_2 Forumite
    923 posts
    mrspauper wrote: »
    This sounds nice. How do you make it?

    I am going to try the recipe in the index at the start of this thread. But not today, I'll do it next week. I decided rather than buying the bacon and spuds, I would make pasta and chorizo since I have everything I need for that and so avoid the supermarket.

    I am so drained at the moment. I planned to bake this afternoon but could not summon the energy. Luckily DS baked shortbread at school today so the boys can have that for dessert.

    I have filled in the gaps in my menu planner. I am still on my quest to reduce our meat intake but it is not easy.
    GC 2011 Feb £626.89/£450 NSD3/7 March £531.26/£450 April £495.99/£500 NSD 0/7 May £502.79/£500
    June £511.99/£480 July £311.56/£480
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