Young Drivers' Car Insurance Savings Feedback

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    Well, guesstimate budget for car insurance had been £1000 for 19 yo with a new 1.0 l VW UP! - 62 plate.

    Living in Highlands (Inverness area), 8000 miles / year, recently passed test (6 weeks), 2 years driving looking for fully comp, no black box tracking & a student.....expected the worst.

    1st quote yesterday was £650 - result!

    Following MSE advice today, and on gocompare ..........

    Tried tinkering with excess from £500 down to 250 did work.... £605
    Tempting a reduction to £100 and quotes went to £1000+

    I feel there could have been a further saving by going low / low / high / low and hunting down "optimum" excess (maybe £199.98?) - but there are only 24 hours in the day!

    Back to £250 excess then...
    1st modified quote was £535 which included 53 yo dad - wow!
    2nd modified quote was £541 including (not saying, but a wee bit younger than dad) yo mum - eh!

    Budget was £1000, paid £541, result!

    Thank you MSE, shame you can not get my son to tidy his room!
    Will you be bringing out a guide for that?
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    Gosh, you did well.

    My 18 yo daughter passed her test yesterday, and GoCompare's cheapest quote was around £1100 to add her as a named driver on my Yaris (albeit a diesel, so a bit quicker).

    I found pretty much the same deal as Poppy above: £820 from LV. I'm the main driver (45), with Grandma (78) and DD(18) as named drivers.

    I wouldn't say I was *happy*, but less than I feared!
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