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  • Can anyone recommend a company that allows you to add a student daughter to your policy during the university holidays only? Or does it always work out cheaper to add them for the whole year?
  • My 17 year old son passed his test on 9th July, we have been looking for a 1 litre engine car for him, I have been on comparison webs, all the usual ones, called up insurance companies who specify young drivers and was either told, no quotes were available as he is too high risk (how do they know how he will drive!!! Ihave been out with him and he is a safe driver) or the quotes for him with me as a named driver is still £6995.00!! and that is the cheapest I can get.

    Any help will be gratetly received....
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    Can anyone recommend a company that allows you to add a student daughter to your policy during the university holidays only? Or does it always work out cheaper to add them for the whole year?

    Aviva do, Ive done it with my son for £150 for the year for occasional use.
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    My husband and I have recently paid for 6 hour-long driving lessons with The Young Driver Scheme for our 12 year old car-mad grandson at the NEC in Birmingham. He has had his 3rd lesson so far and has already progressed beyond belief. He will have taken the remaining 3 by the Autumn.
    The set-up is most impressive, extremely professional and well-organised and, of course, the best present we could have bought him!! (There are several places in the UK where this is offered)

    We intend to repeat this until he takes his driving test, and have been assured that, not only will he be a safe, road-aware and competent driver by the age of 17, but that the ensuing cost of his car insurance will be cut dramatically.

    Highly recommended!

    Won't make a blind bit of difference, my son has a full bike licence and a 600 cc triumph, has been on the road since his 17th birthday all of which makes absolutely no difference to him, as i was told by insurers today it's only driving a car on the road that counts and his cheapest insurance quote today was £6995 with a box fitted and at 17 a year ago it was £3800 and he couldn't afford it then so has no hope now despite working full time!!
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    Currently renewing the wifes Corsa 1.2. Me and 18yo son as named drivers. (no we are not fronting)
    Currently with LV= (very impressed and good ratings) Nearest quotes on moneysupermarche (LV= not inclided) are the usual Admiral Group suspects - Diamond, Bell, Admiral, Elephant - all at least £200 more.
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    My Daughter passed her test few weeks back and we just brought a 1.2 Corsa from the car auctions, we then started to sort insurance out and we found by changing what we put in what was cheapest way to do it.

    We found that telling them shes at college (she is) and NOT just putting 'Not working' changed it by £250 less.

    Waiting for a few more weeks to start the insurance, when she would turns 18 and also her having her passed her test a full month changed it by £150 less.

    5k miles per year.

    Mum and Dad on as named Drivers.

    Protected NCB not needed as she didnt have any tp protect.

    Not using car between 11pm to 6am

    Pay by the year if possible we found you can paid nearly Double paying each month !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We got 1st year Fully Comp Insurance down to £815 per year (that was on
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    My daughter insured with Tesco but her premium went up after 1st year (even with no claims). She did compare sites then phoned Tesco who gave her 2 months free insurance!
    However, when she added her Dad to her policy it was even cheaper. Worth a try.

    very nice deal. i'll talk this deal with my husband, because my daughter is getting her first car soon. thanks for this information!
  • Just organised insurance for my 20-year old grand-daughter who is still on a provisional licence. Our local brokers are brilliant, really know their stuff. They told us to look out for companies charging fairly low rates for provisional licence holders who then slap on a massive premium rise once they've passed the test. They found a company who guarantee that there will be no change in premium once she has a full licence. Cost:£1195. Result!!
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    My 17 year old son passed his test 2 months ago and has just bought a 2001 1.4 VW Polo.

    His first quote was about £3400 for just himself on the insurance. We managed to bring it down to £1950 through Admiral multicar by putting me on the insurance. It also brought down both mine and my husband's insurance.

    I managed to find a lower quote through following the guide, but it was with a box. When Admiral rang me back after we had bought the car we looked at all the options. I asked if it would be cheaper to put the car into the garage - it worked out £350 more expensive because of break-ins to garages for other equipment and the car gets damaged!

    I then asked about putting my husband onto the insurance as well as me (we both have over 10 years NCD) and although they did not think it would make much difference, it brought the premium down to £1480.

    I spent quite a long time getting quotes and negotiating the discount. Be prepared to ask questions and make various suggestions by talking to the insurance company direct. It is worth the time and effort (my son is definitely pleased). Because of the discount I was happy to take out their breakdown cover (£60) so that I know he is covered and some other add-ons (for all three of us) which cost a total of £150. I have saved that amount on my insurance alone.

    All three of us are now fully comp on my son's insurance, and along with our other two insurance premiums we are paying less in total than the previous multicar quote.
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    Been searching for car insurance to add DD to my policy now she has passed her test.

    Car - Fiesta
    Main driver - Myself
    Named drivers - OH and DD

    business use for me, SDP & commuting for named drivers

    Going via Unison £795 with protected NCD with Liverpool Vic. If I go direct to LV it's £50 more.
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