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Cardiff advice please

in Wales
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    yeah - do tell!
    Am not witty enough to put something cool and informative here:o :o
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    Aaaargh! This has been doing my head in :mad: DP still hasn't decided if he's going to accept the new job or not. I just wish he'd make his mind up so we can make plans.

    Men - pah!

    EDIT: But thanks for all your help and advice.
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    Oh no!!!! Good luck with it!!!
    Am not witty enough to put something cool and informative here:o :o
  • I know for a large 3 bed semi bungalow for rent in Pontyclun if it's any help. It's a thriving little semi-rural village, and the bungalow is within walking distance of a good primary school. It is also in walking distance of the railway station (which is only 1 stop away from Cardiff Central). It's a great place to live with a young family. It's on the doorstep of virtually everything, but has a lovely village feel to it. Llantrisant is 2 miles away. In 20 minutes you can drive to beaches, shopping centres, Cardiff, cinemas, and lots more. It takes about 13 minutes to get into Cardiff on the train. Don't know if it helps at all. The local estate agents are Durbins, Peter Alan, Nicholas Michael, Allen & Harris and Protectagroup. If you need to know anything more just let me know.
  • commuting into Cardiff is a nightmare. The roads are absolutely choked at commute times and the train is a scramble and is not 100% reliable. I would definitely look at cyclable distances as that will take a lot of stress off and will also be a lot cheaper in the long run. There is talk of Cardiff going the London way and charging for town access in a car

    There are some good pointers on this thread. Good luck and ps the taff trail cycle route is an excellent idea
  • Can I suggest something?

    If you do decide to move why not rent first?

    Friends of ours moved away a similar distance and they have said that they made the mistake of buying and not renting when they moved. As a result whilst they like the area, experience has proved that it might not have been the ideal area for them had they known then what they know now.
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  • The OH has been offered a job in Cardiff so a move is now on the cards. Has anybody got advice on the different areas? We will be looking to buy a house and prefer a village/suburb type area. We have a 2 year old son so family friendly too and near good schools.

    I thought Rhiwbina or Whitchurch areas look nice. We currently live in Pembrokeshire and will be making trips up to have a drive round but wanted to narrow the search down a bit first.

    We will have about £200k to spend on the house and would prefer a semi if poss.

    I have just read your information regarding property in Rhiwbina or surrounding area of Cardiff, please take a look at my website I will be pleased to be of help.
  • North Cardiff
    Thornhill in north cardiff is nice and has good schools
    Most of north cardiff is nice, heath, whitchurch, birchgrove, llanishen etc

    East cardiff
    Cardiff gate or pontprennu is a little bit futher out but really nice area
    And if you want a lot of bang for your buck look at st mellons £160k for a nice 3 bed semi with conservatory, but you have to look in the right areas, try heritage park estate, if you stick to the outskirts its nice, but go into the centre and its ASBO city! I live on outskirts and dont get any hassle, but know friends who live in the heart of it and get loads of hassle, if your unsure and cant get local knowledge then maybe worth avoiding. is pretty good.

    My dad and gran live in barry, I would aviod it as the 2 rd's to cardiff are single lanes and very slow,
    if you want to live on outskirts i would recommend going east of cardiff as it has the a48 which has excellent access to the centre and the M4.
  • cardiff born and having a detatched house in whitchurch for the last 25 years , i wanted to downsize so in the last 2 years i have looked around cardiff fairly intensively...the north of the city is best for family life , whitchurch is great for living with all the facilties , shops ,schools, pubs and green areas within walking distance ,easy parking, safe environment ,and cycling distance to the centre, exceptionally good bus links etc, unfortunately this can be expensive and most of the housing is old stock (maintenance, alterations etc ) new stock suffers from being small and shoehorned in. this applies to most areas,and all the established areas are suffering from infill building losing a lot of open spaces with nightmare parking and road congestion etc, you can get nice properties but the price is very high.
    the best area i have found is danescourt, a suburb of llandaff and bordering on radyr. a planned estate with plenty of greenery, no more can be developed , 90's housing decently built and spaced out ,good sized gardens, with outlooks to the country, reasonable local facilities (also llandaff with shops,banks,pubs etc is walking distance ) good schools ,safe environment, very good bus and train links, easy vehicle access to the city or the valleys/ motorway,and cycling distance to the centre ( via a dedicated cycle route ) many of my friends have moved here from other parts of the city and all are pleased with the area and so am i ! it must be the most underpriced ( decent ) area of cardiff , for a really good 3 bed semi well appointed with nice garden and country views for under £170K ! but i don't think this situation will last too long !
  • I haven't had time to read all the posts, because I am getting ready to move from one part of Whitchurch to another! I've worked here for 26 years - I'm 50 now. When I was younger I wanted to live near the city centre and I rented in Canton and then bought there. But I was thrillled to move here 7 years ago via St Mellons and am equally thrilled to stay while moving house now.

    The long-established areas are pricey, but we are getting a detached modern property for less than our smaller more trad semi by going to one of the 10-20 year old developments to the west of the village - there are some by the river and also between Whitchurch and Llandaf North behind the common.

    Coryton station at the north end of Whitchurch is a terminus, so that might help on the way in to town if not getting home. Have no kids so no experience of school.
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