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March 2011 Grocery Challenge

edited 28 February 2011 at 12:01AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • esmeresmer Forumite
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    Thanks for starting up the March thread.......... This keeps me on track and its nice to still have money left in my bank account at the end of the month.............. Cant believe we are in March already........ Good Luck everyone.
    Saving 2.00 coins
    Grocerys set to 40.00 pw
    Being Thrifty
  • Sue14Sue14 Forumite
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    Tenth Anniversary 500 Posts
    Please can I be put down for £130.00 again this month.
    Weight loss challenge 2/10lbs

  • does anyone have any ice cream recipes that dont involve an ice cream maker?

    Thank you. :)

    Hi cutiepieabf,

    I've made this one quite a few times and it couldn't be easier (although easier to freeze in a cling film lined loaf tin and then slice than to scoop from a tub) - have also used chopped chocolate or chopped crunchies instead of the honeycomb, and I think it would also be good with some raspberry puree or similar through it.

  • thanks to pink, rosieben and mrs mcawber for all the hard work :T:A Good luck to all of us this month and big welcome to all the newbies :wave::wave:
    I will lose 2 stone by this summer!!!!!!
  • GorgeestwoGorgeestwo Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture Combo Breaker
    First spend of March, £2.50, just needed some milk :)
    Grocery challenge : January 2016 £65.86/£300
    For 2 adults, 2 children (10 & 9 yrs) 3 cats & 2 dogs.

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  • PennyGrabberPennyGrabber Forumite
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    My March starts tomorrow (already posted target). It's also my baby girl's 6th birthday tomorrow, but she'll be with her dad for the night, so I'll only see her in the morning before work. :cry: This means I may be tempted to go shopping for something to do so I don't think about it too much. I'm hoping that having recognised that, I won't do it - trying the old counselling techniques on myself! I have started stripping ds bedroom walls, so will try to carry on with that and not shop, but it depends how the mood takes me. Will try to be strong!

    Back to gc - I'm still in the middle of an [email protected] order which I won't send off until I'm happy I haven't overspent anywhere. It's so much better for me to do it this way, otherwise I shove stuff in the trolley willynilly, and it's so much harder to take it out of the trolley when you've got it home!! I'm going to try to not set foot in a supermarket during March - just have to think of other tings to occupy myself - think the decorating will help...

    Get my AP order tomorrow, so looking forward to that, although not really sure where to put it all - may have to spend some time sorting out the cupboards tomorrow too! My trouble is that I bulk buy, afraid that one day I won't be able to afford to feed the children. That hasn't happened yet, and there are always people that could help me if it did happen, but still I can't get it out of my head that I need a year's worth of everything under my roof!

    Sorry for waffling on, going off now for a cuppa and to wrap dd presents. Got her some teeny family stuff from home [email protected] - WAY cheaper than tesc0!

    Night all
    PG x
    Grocery challenge for family of three - me, dd(12) and ds(11), feeding dp 2 or 3 x a week too. Only food, not toiletries. Jan £87.97/£100 Feb £0/£100
    Frugal 2018 needed! Saving and NOT spending
  • TheBeesTheBees Forumite
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    A new month - Yay!:j

    Thanks to the organisers for keeping this going every month.

    I'm trying something new this month - I am not going to step into a supermarket for shopping... I'm going to do it all online. I did our first online shop of the month which is getting delivered tomorrow then I plan to do another one 8 or 9 days later. Hopefully this will get us under budget for the first time ever!!! Yes I will miss out on the whoopsies but won't get carried away by picking up things we don't really need. Also, I actually enjoy wandering round supermarkets and will miss it too.

    We absolutely have to keep our monthly costs down so we can throw money at the mortgage. Using the overpayment calculator on here we've worked out our mortgage could be paid off in 5 years instead of 14 if we overpay regularly and use the proceeds of our terrible endowment!!
    Mortgage Free in 3 part 2 challenge - pay off £9000
    Sealed Pot Challenge 416 - target £500
  • TheBeesTheBees Forumite
    601 posts
    Oh how weird is that - Pennygrabber and I have both posted that we are going to do all our food shopping online this month. We'll have to give each other moral support!
    Mortgage Free in 3 part 2 challenge - pay off £9000
    Sealed Pot Challenge 416 - target £500
  • Declaring @ £68.55 for Feb GC

    Think I've found a more achievable target of £65 for March. Had a quiet word with myself. It's about cutting back, not cutting out. Still want to have treats etc.

    Without you guys on here supporting and sharing all your hints & tips, I'd still be spending about 4 times that!!:eek:

    CherryPie x
    My name is CherryPie and I'm addicted to grocery shopping!!

    Grocery Challenge

    Feb 2016 - £46.73 / £100.00
  • debtfreewannabe321debtfreewannabe321 Forumite
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    Debt-free and Proud!
    I'd like to be put down for the same again please :)march- £250
    2015 Goals:-#1 419.26/1000 ( #1) 41.93% , #2- 14,010.70/15,000 (new house) 93.4% :j:heartsmil #3 395.07/1000 (Rental house fund target #1) 39.5% :).
    Aim High!
    :heart2: Debt-Free in 2013. Saving for a better future :heart2:
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