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March 2011 Grocery Challenge

edited 28 February 2011 at 12:01AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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    HippeechiqHippeechiq Forumite
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    edited 28 February 2011 at 10:24PM
    Coooeeee everyone :hello:

    Thanks so much to MrsM, Pink & Rosie for all the hard work involved in running the thread :A
    MRSMCAWBER if it's not too much trouble pretty please, could I ask you to Amend Hippeechiqs March figure to £230 - sorry :o

    Am going to try Motherships 2nd purse idea (or at least, as I understand it) and, unfortunately, the only place I can get the "starter" for my purse, is from my budget. £230 is gonna be damned tight, but it's the only way I can do it, so I'll try. And I intend to pay back the "full" price as and when I use my stock, so that I can make money. I know I said I couldn't afford to do that, but, I've had stern words with myself, and it's really time to stop whinging and just get on with it.

    Came in £6.86 under budget for Feb, not a lot, but I'm pleased.
    I reduced my budget from £275 to £250 so that I can save £25 a month towards Xm*s. I keep it in the bank until the end of the month (in case I can't manage my new budget) but it will mean, that each month I do, I have £25 to transfer to my Xm*s fund, so I'm quietly chuffed.

    It's a case of having to if I'm to afford Xm*s, but we all know that what we need to achieve, and what we're able to achieve are often two different things

    My March budget runs from the 1-31st, but I've already spent some of March budget as I was expecting a Hotpoint engineer tomorrow, so didn't think I could go out (so bought what I was going to need tomorrow, today) but as it happens, he can't come, cos he hasn't got the right "parts" to repair my cooker, despite my reporting exactly what was wrong with it 6 days ago :mad:

    So - quite a bit of spending today of £25.88. Got 3 packs of Diced Chicken Breast on offer at £idls, which works out at a very good price per kilo, some bacon, and 5 boxes of SS fav pizzas + a bottle of red wine for tonights Sausage Cassoulet & Wednesdays Coq Au Vin as I'd run out of frozen wine. That alone came to £15!

    Good Luck to everyone for March :)
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  • Got my days mixed up so in fact i haven't spent anything of my March Grocery budget yet. Hoorah! In fact i only ended up 49p over my Feb budget so i consider that a success :)
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  • adelightadelight Forumite
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    March already :eek: Best update my sig with the rest of feb!!!

    I did my first shop for march today- £8.49 at Lidl on lots of fruit, peppers, mushrooms, nutella, sweet potato(a huge 1.3kg one!), sardines and some tins of veg.

    Can I be down for £30 for this month please? Am mostly buying fresh f/v/dairy this month.

    I have ~3 months to clear my stocks before I move flat again and I have much more than I thought. Lots of rice and pulses dishes planned. I always buy tuna when it's on offer and overly ration myself as I fear running out, but now I have 10 tins of tuna, 2 tins of salmon, tin of pilchards & 5 tins of sardines/mackerel :p
    Living cheap in central London :rotfl:
  • WinchelseaWinchelsea Forumite
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    Rosieben, Pink and Mrs M - thanks as always for setting up the thread etc - much appreciated.

    Please can you put me down for £70 this month? Up a bit from before, but I did overspend a bit in February. If I come in at less then that's all for the good. Have put 7 x £10 notes in my housekeeping purse, and plan not to let the moths out too often!

    Hope to do my "big" shop of the month tomorrow (probably about £20 worth!), and may even treat myself to a trip to Bristol to do it - big day out!
    Keeping three cats, the car and myself on a small budget, and enjoying life while we're at it!
  • Tink_04Tink_04 Forumite
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    Can i join? im aiming for £125 for me DH and DD - we have set this up as our budget for ages but keep buying odd things and going over so i want to see if its actually realistic to stick to - oh and we dont buy nappys or wipes etc out for this at all as i use my CB and stock pile so this is just food, toiletries and cleaning stuff!!

    Living the simple life
  • Savvy_sewingSavvy_sewing Forumite
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    I have obviously not been reporting in enough! I am not on the list!

    Oh well, my budget for March is going to be a bit more sensible, and its going to be £230 please!
    When I die I will know that I have lived, loved, mattered and made a difference, even if in a small way.
  • Hi
    Can I join in please? I have worked out last month I spent £320 for 2 Adults, 1 Child, and 3 pets :eek:

    I think relistically I can easily get this to £200 for March. (fingers crossed!)

    Good luck
    :j No Debts (Other than HUGE mortgage! :eek: )
    Generally trying to cut back where possible :j
    GC - March £143.82 / £200 Feb £156.03 / £150 Oops! Jan £180.78/£200:D
  • please put me down for £300 havent counted up for last month but i think we should be under. We have had an expensive month this month so could really do with cutting down a bit more. Heres hoping
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  • jammy_dodgerjammy_dodger Forumite
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    Wow what abusy thread for march GC ....have just declared on feb challenge and made it under budget so i am hoping for 3 in a row can the kind folk put me down for £120 for March ( going down a bit more but as I am minus my poor old !!!!! cat I guess i dont have to buy food for her now (sob sob )

    good luck everyone
  • PennyGrabberPennyGrabber Forumite
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    adelight only 10 tins of tuna?!! I looked in my pantry and stopped counting when I'd seen 4x4packs, with more on a different shelf!!

    TheBees yes, we will so have to give each other support! I'm so bad at spending £20-£40 on popping in for milk! I'm planning a shop at the moment, which I've been changing every day, getting rid of things I won't need, telling myself to stop stocking up, adding things I've forgotten. Then, when that's been delivered, I shall start a new shop, ready for halfway through the month. I'm going to buy 2x4pts of milk, and freeze one, and see how long that lasts, and I have 2x1l milk in the cupboard under the stairs as a backup. For bread, I have a frozen loaf, and when that runs out, I'll make it in the bm until the next delivery! I WILL do this! I NEED to have the willpower...
    Grocery challenge for family of three - me, dd(12) and ds(11), feeding dp 2 or 3 x a week too. Only food, not toiletries. Jan £87.97/£100 Feb £0/£100
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