Real life MMD: Should I pay extra for Sky?

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Should I pay the extra for Sky?
I live with 2 housemates and we all chip in paying for Sky TV in the lounge. They also pay an extra £10/mth each to get it in their bedrooms. Microsoft have now added Sky to the Xbox, which you can pay £10/mth for, but it's free if you’re already a Sky multiroom subscriber. As my housemates pay for multiroom, I can benefit from the deal. They don’t think that’s fair, yet I already have to pay £40 a year for Xbox Gold membership. Should I pay extra?
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  • Clareeee
    If your XBox membership is personal to you (only you do or can use it) then I think you should share the cost of the entire £20 per month of the other two house mates' multiroom between the 3 of you as you are all benefiting equally from the "multiroom" but your XBox thing is yours and yours only.

    If your XBox membership is used by your other housemates as well as you then you might want to talk about sharing the cost of everything equally.
  • groovygav
    Sounds like you can only get this freebie because of your friends' subscriptions, so it would be fair to make a contribution.
  • jax1305
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    so you pay £40 per year, they pay £120 per year each. but you can only upgrade because they pay - why not add together the total outgoings - £280 and split it between you - £93.33 each. unless you get something extra special for your gold membership that they don't benefit from - in which case to be fair you should pay more than them. you can only benefit because of their multiroom sub - without that you'd have to pay more anyway.
  • [Deleted User]
    Why tell them in the first place?
  • kerri_gt
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    If you are the only person who uses the Xbox, then they do not benefit from your Gold Membership so why not split the £20 multiroom between the three of you - that's £6.70 each per month. You could argue that you won't watch Sky in your room, but I expect you probably will if it's available. I am sure you could save that elsewhere a month (grocery shop etc) and it could be worth the extra, esp as it's due to them having multiroom that you also get Sky in your room.
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  • eurovision_fan
    I agree with Clareee, i would consider splitting the £20 sub charge between the three of you £6.67 each - i'm sure your flatmates wouldn't mind having to pay less to get the same deal, otherwise what the point adding an extra £10 for the system.
    If they don't want to share you could always pull your funding for the Sky TV in the lounge as well and just pay the £10 to have it in your room.
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  • Saetana
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    Yes, I would say the fairest solution here is to split the £20 cost for Sky in the extra rooms between the 3 of you. The fact that you pay £40 per year for X-Box Gold is completely irrelevant, it would only be relevant if the Sky/X-Box service was completely free regardless of whether or not your household pay for Multiroom and this is obviously not the case. You would have to pay an extra £10 per month to get this service if it was not for the fact that your friends are already paying this sum to have Sky in their own rooms so it seems fair enough that they pay a little less and you pay your £6.67 share of the £20, its hardly a large amount of money to pay out on a monthly basis.

    As someone mentioned earlier, you could of course be economical with the truth and not mention this to your housemates (assuming they don't already know), that is down to you and your conscience I would say.
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  • bennett2kuk
    Tough, you are making use of a free service where theirs' costs money. I wouldn't start subsidising other people's services. They should consider getting an Xbox too if they're that bothered. That being said I wouldn't be happy leaving the Xbox on for hours and hours on end just to watch TV. Even with the improvements they've made to the hardware you're still looking at red light city. And I know what I';m talking about having taken receipt of my 6th Xbox recently.
  • gaily
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    If they are paying to get a benefit, that you can then tag onto, my view would be to split the cost.

    You'd lose out if they decided to cancel multiroom, and you'd have to pay £10 extra if you wanted multiroom in your own room, rather than the Xbox facility. If you get on with them, and want harmony in the house (and sometimes in a houseshare, there's bigger things to argue about than £10 - like who's turn it is to clean the bathroom) then split it.

    As another poster said, split the £20 3 ways, then it's £6.50 odd. What's that - 2 pints down the pub? surely that a month is worth peace in the house????
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  • minerva_windsong
    I agree with everyone else and say split the £20 three ways.
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