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February 2011 Grocery Challenge

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  • Thanks rosieben!

    Mothership, I laughed at that "trolley war" post, lol

    Ok, since [email protected] never arrived with their offers I will have to go to either M*rrisons or [email protected] (those I have at 20min from home). I think I will go to M since they usually have good meat/fish offers. Is there any amazing offer I should be aware from S and you might know about?
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  • OrkneyStarOrkneyStar Forumite
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    Visited Tesco today (sneaked while DS was at nursery ;)) some good offers and also stocked up, but managed not to blow the budget.
    I did take some extra money for diesel though, as extra trips this week and it can be justified from a different budget (I think).
    Was impressed by Tesco today, after Lidl last week, prices not much more and it is just a nicer experience imho!
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  • ChocClare wrote: »
    Your wish is my command, mothership :D Accept no substitutes: Emperors and beggars alike would step over their dying mothers for my grandmother's trusty, no-cook Apple Chutney recipe.

    You will need one pound each of:
    Apples, peeled, cored and diced
    Dates, minced
    Onions, finely chopped
    Sultanas (I use value ones)
    Brown sugar

    Put these into a bowl and stir

    Pour over one pint of malt vinegar

    In a piece of muslin, tie up 1 rounded teaspoon salt; pinch cayenne pepper and 1oz pickling spice. Bury this bag in the mixture and stir again.

    Leave for 24 hours, stirring occasionally. Remove the spice bag. Decant into sterilized jars.

    Preferably leave at least 6 weeks before munching your way through this. It will keep for YEARS - none of this once opened keep in the refrigerator and consume within 3 days mallarkey. The jar in my cupboard which is open and used for cheese and pickle sandwiches on a weekly basis says September 2006 on the label (we stored things in a less than optimum way and ate the 2008 batch before the last of the 2006 was finished). I used to make a big batch every two years (as you may have gathered) but now make it annually as so many people who've once tasted it now insist on jars of it as presents :rotfl:


    Oh that sounds great. What sort of quantities do you use on the fruit and veg? How runny is it once you've put the vinegar in? Just enough to cover, or not as much as that?

    Had a bit of a use up night last night, as have an new veg box arriving on Friday. Made sausage stew with potatoes, carrots and cabbage, which made three portions so two are in the fridge for tomorrow lunch and another meal prob next week.:money:
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  • GorgeestwoGorgeestwo Forumite
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    First shop of February at Tesco this morning, £49.35, don't really feel like I got that many bargains, but there were alot of things that I picked up and put down again, rather than just popping them in my trolley without giving it a second thought, so I guess it wasn't too bad :).
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    ebayqueen_2ebayqueen_2 Forumite
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    that is the funniest thing I have ever heard. I bet you were glad when you woke up. Sorry you are having such a ridiculous time with Axda. They dont deliver in my area though they are only 9 miles away and they visit to my mam who is 15 miles in the other direction!!!!!
    Thanks for cheering me up. Take care :)

    Sorry forgot to put the quote in....:):):):) Martafdz post

    "In fact, I think I went to bed thinking about this as I dreamt my OH did an online shop of £1200 in cheese, hundreds of packs of beer and soft drinks, toilet paper and tins. LOL I woke up to be relieved!!! No idea why I dreamt about those items though, since we do not buy alcohol often or in bulk (I would say the average monthly is under half a bottle of wine, maybe one or two beers an a litre of soft drinks). So not only it was a lot of money but also in things we did not use! Lol I remember asking him in the dream "hth have you spent £500 in cheese!?" RFOL But I also remember dreaming about going to a magical elven world through a magical tree... so my dreams do not have much correlation with the reality, my OH is quite MSE in general lol"
    "You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream" :) C. S. Lewis
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  • Took advantage of Mr M's deals on Chinese food and bought 4 spring rolls for 50p and Sharwood's sauces for 71p a jar they'll go with chicken stirfry in blackbean sauce I made last night. Fat Choy everyone
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  • BTW is anyone else having problems updating siggys
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    GC - Sep £35.56/£30:o
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    Missus_AkaMissus_Aka Forumite
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    Have spent exactly £90 of my £135 budget on:

    Tesco Online Order From the 1st: £45.54

    Home Bargains/Tesco/Turkish Shop Yesterday: £44.46
    The only things i bought that wasnt on the list were a packet of grapes that DS wanted and 12 packets of cadburys caramel nibbles that were reduced to 10p each as they were out of date. Made a pan of dolmas last night and have enough filling to make at least 2 more nights food....cant wait till dinner.

    Nice round figure £45 left will easily make it, (i think). Am meal planned for the month (28th) now and have enough fruit to feed an army seriously!! 4 pears, large packet of grapes, 7 oranges, 10 apples, 10 plums and 30 clementines, and there is only 3 of us. Will probably last us about two weeks

    Have also reached £137.91 on my yearly stocking up budget

    NSD for me today as well
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  • triticaletriticale Forumite
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    Hi all, updated my sig, keeping it lower that usual at this point in the month!!

    Got 15 FR eggs for £2 at Mr S as I'm currently chomping the last of my banana muffins from the freezer so will need to make some buns tonight (and probably pancakes tomorrow). Also got a block of pastry Stork for tonights crumble and a tin of tuna for DDs' fave meal (tuna pasta pesto) - basics tuna has gone up AGAIN it's now 69p!! :eek:

    The thought of updating my sig total stopped me picking up a pack of reduced salmon fishcakes for my tea (I do NOT eat tuna pasta!), at first I thought 'they're only 79p' but then realised that 79p could be better spent elsewhere and I have enough food at home to conjour something up. :o

    So I put the fishcakes back, got one loose mushroom (7p) instead and I'm going to use a slab of the almost stale 'fresh' loaf from the weekend and the lonely slice of ham in my fridge, fry my mushroom in garlic butter and make a (sort of) pizza. :j

    I'll be glad of that 72p in a couple of weeks I'm sure!!! :rotfl:
  • I've been a lurker for a while and think it's time I joined in

    Please would you put me down for £375 for Feb (sorry I can't change the font to red or bold :( ). My Feb month started on 22/1, I just need to check what I've spend so far as we did a big shop in cost co on 23rd

    I'm aiming to get this down by £100/month over the course of this year so this is a starting point to help me focus

    thank you

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