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February 2011 Grocery Challenge

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  • triticaletriticale Forumite
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    RachelS wrote: »
    Hippeechiq, sorry that happened to you. By all means, email your rant to Asda, but I wouldn't expect anything back. I have complained to them twice and never received any kind of acknowledgement. It seems you get what you pay for! I still shop there as it's cheapest, but I hate it!

    It was a few years ago now, but I once got an ASDA delivery and had ordered one of those fresh curry/chinese meal things in a paper bag, it had been knocked about and the sauce had leaked all over the other stuff (rice box etc).

    I phoned and complained, they straight away refunded the cost of the whole meal bag - even though it was perfectly edible, just a bit of a sticky hassle!
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    OrkneyStarOrkneyStar Forumite
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    Mothership wrote: »
    4 kg Apples 69p
    HELP! What am I going to do with all these APPLES, any tips for storage , they are in perfect condition and very firm , no bruised flesh.

    Did you have to get 4kg ? Or did they come in smaller packs ? I always laugh when I hear someone say 'I bought all this now what do I do with it ?'- my answer is often 'think of that before you buy them'!!!
    Not meaning to be cheeky ;)
    How about tart tatin ? That might freeze too ?
    Or store them somewhere cool and dark ?
    Shame it is not halloween or you could be 'dooking for apples' lol.
    Finally is there a friend who might like to swap some apples for something else ?
    :heartpuls :heartpuls :heartpuls
  • Started Feb off at [email protected], not many bargains to be had, unlike MrM...apart from their milk 2 for £2. Fruit & veg are more expensive.
    anyway only nipped there 'cos it's near the leisure centre I go to for badminton. spent £25.61 but that should keep me going for a while. Made pea & ham soup last night, all but 1 portion to the freezer.
    Feb being a short month should come in well under budget:T
    GC - Oct £36.17/£31
    GC - Sep £35.56/£30:o
    GC - Aug £30.73/£31
    GC - Jul £30.80/£31
  • Morning everyone,
    could i please join feb GC . there is 2 adults and 2 teenagers in this house so i think my first ever target should be £300.:)
  • XSpenderXSpender Forumite
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    Almost caught up with the thread, only 3 pages to go:D

    Spent just over a tenner yesterday on formula, 2 tubs of spread and a bottle of water to take to my interview/3 hour assessment:eek: I really need to get some bananas today as DH likes to have one for breakfast and I am debating whether to do my weekly shop today instead of Friday to save going to Mr S twice. I don't need much fresh stuff as my veg and fruit boxes will be delivered on Friday anyway. I will see if I hav the energy after I get my HW done as the place is a tip:eek:

    I had a disaster with the bread in my BM on Monday. The bread just did not rise and was a heavy lump at the bottom of the pan:( I had used the same flour and yeast on Sunday and it was fine for a loaf and pizza bases so I am not sure what was going on there. I made a white oaf straight afterwards and that was fine. I am going to try the 70% wholemeal again this morning.

    I am going to make a macaroni cheese and broccoli bake for tea tonight. I will add some chopped ham I have in the freezer to DH half. Tomorrow I am making a recipe of my Mum's. Quorn (should be chicken but I am a veggie) with a ginger and coconut sauce, will serve it with rice.

    Also going to try the millies cookie recipe as the half batch of twinks I made Sunday are all gone:o

    Have a nice day everyone:)
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  • DH just phoned to say our guest for tonight has cried off. Now rethinking menus for the rest of the week. At least he phoned B4 I went to Mr T to get all the 'special' bits for dinner tonight. Saved me quite a lot of the budget.

    Now got to force myself to take hound for a walk. Why do they not understand that when its pouring with rain its just not a good time.
    GC Mar 13 £47.36/£150
  • slbhillslbhill Forumite
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    gdyr1945 wrote: »
    How do other posters feel about taking out those 'free for a month' offers (Love Film, credit reports etc) where, if you do it via a cash back site, you get paid a sum (£20-£30). I feel a bit guilty when I know I am only doing it for the cash back and have no interest in continuing beyond the offer.

    I feel absolutely fine about it! They rely on most people who take up the free trial intending to cancel but forgetting or not getting round to it. If I can be more organised than that then they have invited me to play the game and I have won :D. They didn't have to make the invitation!

    Could my budget be put in the list please? Slbhill £150 for February. Thank you :T.

    I am currently trying to work out if I will save money by baking cakes & biscuits instead of buying biscuits. I spend quite a bit on choccy biscuits for packed lunches and snacks. I like baking and per cake/biccy it's certainly cheaper. But somehow home baking disappears in nothing flat - if it costs 1/3 as much to make but I eat 3x as many perhaps this is not a saving :rotfl:.

    Maybe I could freeze some to keep them away from prying fingers. Does anyone freeze cakes or biscuits successfully? Any tips??
  • JolaaledJolaaled Forumite
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    XSpender wrote: »
    Tomorrow I am making a recipe of my Mum's. Quorn (should be chicken but I am a veggie) with a ginger and coconut sauce, will serve it with rice.


    Have you got the sauce recipe, XSpender...sounds lovely!
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    EquilibriumEquilibrium Forumite
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    Morning everyone :j
    Hope everyone is well and big :grouphug: to everyone who needs them

    Totally forgot there might be a Feb thread already, and have just been re reading the Jan thread :rotfl:.

    Mrs Macawber could i be put down for £170 for Feb please. I was going to stick to my Jan total again, but i need to refill the cupboard a bit and have hubbys buffet birthday lunch thing in a couple of weeks to do when he gets back from sea.

    Im trying to have a few more days of no meat meals, can anyone suggest anything they have tried and loved ?
    GC spend Jan so far £165.68/ £160 FEB £189 /£170
    MARCH £0/£170
    Beautiful pictures are formed from dark negatives , so when your having a dark day feel rest assured that a beautiful picture is being prepared for you :)
  • Ohh forgot to say Morrisons have got anoffer on alot of stir fry / chinese things for 50p each. I picked up yesterday a bag of egg noodles - 50p, a chinese stir fry - 50p, and a pack of 4 big spring rolls - 50p. So the whole meal only cost £1.50 and There was plenty for the two of us :j
    GC spend Jan so far £165.68/ £160 FEB £189 /£170
    MARCH £0/£170
    Beautiful pictures are formed from dark negatives , so when your having a dark day feel rest assured that a beautiful picture is being prepared for you :)
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