Real life MMD: Too late to claim for wedding cheque?

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Too late to claim for wedding cheque?
I got married 3 years ago, and a friend of mine gave me £200 for a wedding present. When we came back from honeymoon we had £200 missing from our wedding money which we couldn't find, so we wrote it off as 'lost'. Yesterday I flicked through my Pay-In book and found my friend's cheque. Obviously it's no longer valid and my friend never said anything at the time. Should I ask for another cheque?
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  • ironlady2022
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    This is a tricky one, how 'close' are you to this friend? And do you know of her financial situation? £200 is a lot of money! If you can forgo the embarrassment then go ahead.
  • Dragon_Mummy
    Wow, £200 is a lot of money, this must be quite a good friend. Its a tricky one. I would probably leave it to be honest after all this time. Your friends circumstances may not be the same and they may not be able to afford that now. Its up to you but it could make your friendship a bit awkward if you ask for it.
  • flush_the_hamster
    you were able to write it off for 3 years, so I'd tear up the cheque. Their personal circumstances may have changed by now - Personally I'd just let it go (& no, i'm not minted).

    I wouldn't even contemplate inviting them round to an event and casually leave the cheque around where it could be found & therefore becomes a way to approach the subject- would be very cheeky - and could damage your relationship with them, all for the sake of money.
    Don't tell them your name, Pike! :D
  • whitewing
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    No, tear it up and remember your friend's generosity anyway.
    :heartsmil When you find people who not only tolerate your quirks but celebrate them with glad cries of "Me too!" be sure to cherish them. Because these weirdos are your true family.
  • scotsbob
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    For 3 years the money has stayed in their account rather than yours and they will have gained interest on it.

    Remind them of the wonderful time they had at your wedding then ask them for the £200 plus interest.
  • Star
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    No I wouldn't ask for another cheque, it's your fault for not taking care of it in the first place and paying it in a timely manner. They might not even be aware it wasn't cashed, as not everybody keeps that close an eye on their bank accounts.
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  • Petlamb
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    I don't think I would ask for it, but provided you're still close, I might share the tale of daftness with them (they gave it, so I'd want them to know why it wasn't cashed - rather than read anything into it?)... but make sure they understood I wasn't hinting!
    On the up :D
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  • faerie_girl
    I wouldn't ask direct but next time you see them you've found the check. Have a bit of a laugh about it. You never know they may write you another one out.
  • bogwart
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    A gap of three years is far too long, in my opinion. Did you write and thank people for their gifts at the time? You should have realised then. I can't see any good coming from a request from you to provide a fresh cheque, and as for asking for the £200 plus interest I wouldn't consider for a second going there.
  • purplegaily
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    Ouch - what a lot to lose, but way too late to ask for another cheque.

    I think it'd be time for a joke over a beer sometime down the line - but strictly along the lines that you don't expect the money.

    The economy was in such a different place then to where it is now, so unless said friend has won the lotto in the interim, not going there would be your best bet.
    Always on the look out for a bargain. :smileyhea Thanks if you've helped me bag one.
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