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  • beer2006
    beer2006 Posts: 1,987 Forumite
    Combo Breaker First Post
    I've just seen you can get an MSE sticker and was really excited...... then I saw it, you expect me to put the words, "rob a bank" on the back of my van? Hate it. :o
    “Pleasure of love lasts but a moment, pain of love lasts a lifetime.”
  • Thenotsowyzewun
    I don't like the wording either, doesn't sound good for MoneySavingExpert really, but I shouldn't criticize as I didn't make a suggestion, vote or even find this thread until today!
  • jgordon_2
    Would it be possible for someone from MSE.com to upload the full size version of the sticker, then we could just print it off. No need to pay for any stamps or envelopes. you might save 50p or so...
  • shellplod
    shellplod Posts: 91 Forumite
    I am sending my A4 envelope for one of these. I work in a prison and expect that this slogan will go down a treat in the car park at work (not that i am condoning robbing banks, even legally)!!! ... but hopefully if just one person reads it and they check out this site because of it, then it will be worth all the taunts :p i expect to get, if it helps just one ! it did it for me. Thank u MSE :T

    :confused:You have to know what the problem is before you can solve it:confused:

    Debt free thanks to my lovely friend :A

    £17,000 richer thanks to HSBC PPI refund and MSE advice :money: :money:
  • Tallis4
    Hi Martin,

    Last week I received my sticker and, as requested, went to put it in the rear of my hatchback car. Lifted the bonnet, dropped the keys in order to remove the backing sheet, fitted my nice new sticker, shut the boot.

    Yep, shut the car, house, garage and shed keys in the car.

    I had to call Direct Line for recovery. They arrived and amazingly accessed my car in seconds. Saving money - costing me money!!!!

    The good piece of news is that last month when I renewed my policy I increased the benefits to include home recovery so it didn't cost me a penny and I have your sticker in the back screen of my car.

    Thanks for all your help and advice.

  • ratty2601
    ratty2601 Posts: 48 Forumite
    Sent off for the sticker the first time round and NEVER GOT IT. Don't like the new one, so you can keep my SAE!!!!
  • OverlordKain
    Sending off for my sticker today. Picture to follow. If you have any old "E" stamps kicking around, the ones for the 20-gram European rate, that's now worth the same as the Large Letter rate (both 48p). However folding a C4 (not A4!) envelope to fit into a C5 envelope comes close to pushing that close to the 5mm thickness limit for a normal letter.
  • bartmansimsons
    SqueakyRat wrote: »
    Good advert !!!! :confused:
    you have put 2 diffrent adresses is it g12,1 or f3
  • nuttynatnat
    I sent my envelopes off over a month ago and have still not received it.
    I am looking forward to displaying it on my car - unlike some others on here.
  • now_a_mum&skint
    now_a_mum&skint Posts: 2,279 Forumite
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker First Post
    I hope theres some left.....are there?
    This above all: to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man. (SHAKESPEARE, Hamlet, 1600) :kisses2:

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    Nov: jar of Baxters red slaw deli toppers
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