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January 2011 Grocery Challenge

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  • hex2hex2 Forumite
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    Rosieben - please keep posting. You stick to the rules and your posts are always helpful and welcoming to newcomers.

    I am on £89.65 of my £450 (plus the milkmans bill - must do a running total on this rather than get a nasty shock). As part of my commitment to the no supermarkets for a month challenge I tried a new to me local organic fruit/veg box scheme today and was quite impressed compared to A&C and my local not organic scheme (leics)
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  • ToodleToodle Forumite
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    I've just spent another £4.59 at our local store. I have Asda coming between 7pm and 9pm but forgot to order certain toiletries. I'm a bit miffed as the cheapest I could get at our local co-op were £2.29 and I know there's a lot cheaper available at Asda. I'vonly needed them monthly for the last 12 years, you'd have thought I'd remember to buy them by now! I also forgot to put milk on our order, so I think I'll be going over my £50 weekly budget this week, but since it includes toiletries I think I'll make savings next week and it'll even itself out.
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    MothershipMothership Forumite
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    slbhill wrote: »
    My experience is that freezer burn might mean the texture isn't as good (makes the food dry, usually), but I've never had any problem beyond that.

    I will be making a curry with it so no one should notice, I will be using it first. Thanks for that.

    Just got back from a wee shopping trip, I intended to go to Morrisons but popped into Aldi to see if the baking supplies were any cheaper there. Got everything I wanted +3 packs of Tomatoes @ 39p each and a lovely cabbage @ 39p. + 2 packs of bacon @ 99p and my dijon mustard for the gammon to use up the cranberry sauce.

    A brand new M+S had opened next door and I couldn't resist having a peek, They had a really massive selection of food. I ended up using one of my £5 off vouchers on a £25 spend, but got £32.97 worth of goods.

    The hot fish selection thats usually £4.99 was on the 3 for £10. (MY ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE) so I got 3 of these 2 for the freezer.
    Got 2 packs of BBBQ chicken wings on 2 for £3.50 (for use this week)
    A 2 pack of Aberdeen Angus mince @ £6 (to be browned then frozen)
    4 Steak Pies @ 99p each (husband asked for them tonight + 2 daughters coming for dinner.)
    And a giant cucumber and pack of pointed red peppers 2 for £2.

    I'm away to get the Mango Cake mix on the go, I've made a new rule I don't put the big oven on unless I'm cooking at least 2 things. The cake and the pies cooking tonight.

    The Xmas pud cake and scones all gone, 1 daughter went off with a wee jar of the lemon curd :) and hubby had some for breakfast , don't think it will last long.

    Got all the ingredients for the lovely coffee cake (with walnuts) and the lemon drizzzle cake, just made another rule 1 cake per week lol don't want all the pounds I'm saving to end up on ma !!! :rotfl::rotfl::rotfl:

    Spent £30.24 Today Bal left £146.52
    1st Purse £114.19 Monthly GB
    2nd Purse ££100
    Fridge Freezer £300 3rd Purse /£290.94
  • scotsaverscotsaver Forumite
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    Could you add me to this challenge please? Just lost my job today due to ill health so will really have to try hard with this one now.

    cancerianmam - sorry to hear you've lost your job, hope your health improves soon.;)
    rosieben wrote: »

    someone sort of joked that I was taking over the thread because I post so often; I don't have anything much to offer in terms of original advice but because I'm one of the many volunteer indexers on here, I know my way around the threads quite well and can often come up with a useful link in response to a query. I'm open to suggestions as to whether I should post less or not?

    rosieben - please don't cut down on your posts - where would we be without you - I've been using MSE website for a number of years but still find it hard to find what I'm looking for sometimes - we need VOLUNTEERS like yourself to keep us on the right track and also keep us all motivated.:A
    kippers wrote: »

    I had pumpkin soup and my DH took veg soup to work ( which i found in the depths of my freezer)...both served with the lovely rolls i made yesterday. I've got to say though i've really gone off pumpkin soup, i don't know why as i used to love it....but i have 3kg of pumpkin in the freezer AND a hugh pumpkin from my allotment sitting in my bedroom to use up (i know it's a strange place to keep it)....i must look up what to do with it all.

    Anyway keep going everyone.

    kippers - as 2010 was my first year with an Allotment I grew some Pumpkins and squashes - I know what you mean about getting bored with the Soup, how about a Curry, Pumpkin pie or Pumpkin and cinnamon Muffins.

    I've updated my total with spends from MrT - had a £4 off a £40 spend and as they have a lot of half price offers on I thought it was too much to resist.:o I now have 2 Freezers bulging and full cupboards. Also had a small spend in Lid! on milk and tomato puree and a small spend in !celand on some half price desserts from Xmas Party range - normally make my own but at £1 each I couldn't resist.:o

    Dinner tonight is usually Fish, HM chips and mushy peas but I found some stray bacon at the back of the Fridge so I've made Delia's Bacon and egg pie, will serve it with HM chips and baked beans. Not a very healthy dinner I know but it's Friday night and the weather outside is horrid and I feel like some comfort food.:p

    Pud will be the last of the Xmas pud Scones I made yesterday.

    Have a good evening everyone.:D
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  • scotsaverscotsaver Forumite
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    toddles* wrote: »
    Just changed to decaf tea. Mainly for the baby as I drink so much of it. But also it stops you going to the loo every 5 mins. but yorkshire tea decaf is soooooo expensive. does anyone else have any ideas about what other decaf tea is nice.

    toddles* - we use Asda own brand Decaff teabags - I really like them as they are not too strong, come in a box of 80 and they are about £1.75. HTH.;)
    GC for OH, myself, DD18 & DD16 includes Toiletries, cleaning stuff & Food.

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    rosiebenrosieben Forumite
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    Thanks for the support girls - I wasn't actually about to go off in a huff and not post again though, I really do think the comment was just a throw away joke so I'm not feeling insulted, but it did make me think about how big the thread is etc and I do whitter on quite a bit :rotfl:

    As some of you find it useful to know when I add a recipe I'll carry on doing that, and I'll continue to search for, and post links if I think I can help (I love a challenge! :D)

    MrsMC, ooops! [STRIKE]I will correct [/STRIKE] I've corrected your listings :o

    if only every MSE thread was as friendly and supportive as this one :T
    ... don't throw the string away. You always need string! :D

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  • I'm doing well this week on the grocery challenge - have stayed out of the supermarket for most of the week and concentrating on eating what I have at home

    Tonight - prawn stir fry using storecupboard noodles had for aaaaaages and prawns from freezer and wilting veg from the veg drawer
    Tomorrow - fish pie using fish pie mix from freezer and lots of potatoes under the stairs and wilting veg from the veg drawer
    Sunday - leftover fish pie or pork chop from the freezer

    need to batch cook some tomato sauce to freeze for easy teas next week with pasta or a spag bol to freeze and also some buns to take for lunches

    Should be able to eek out next week from the freezer and cupboards and then see if I need anything the following weekend
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  • thriftmonsterthriftmonster Forumite
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    All happy because I realised over £5 of today's shop can be charged to Scouts - Christmas stuff for next December - but then the window cleaner came for his money. I don't feel too bad as he only charges £7 and this is a fairly large house with several bays and he climbs up on the garage roof to do the spare room window (it is a flat roof!!!!). He really suffered during the snow as he couldn't work. He also gives you the choice of fortnightly or monthly which helps. So the sig won't move too much.

    Dh away tonight so we're having HM pizza and breadsticks - Mr S's basics mozzarella and salami - the kids love it and it certainly is a cheap meal. I love it when something they regard as a treat actually works out cheaper than a normal meal!
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  • Walked up into town today for milk, bread, marg, sugar and flour. I came back with no extra's, spending £4.59 in L*dl.

    Haven't done my big shop for this month as I am trying to stretch out the food in freezer and cupboards first. I think by Monday the big shop will be upon me, which I feel quiet daunted about. As I keep keep checking my list I have prepared thinking I have forgotten something and that will b*gger up my budget. :(
    MAR GC £92.43 / £100 NSD 16 / 31
    FEB GC £123.29 / £100.00 :( NSD 21 / 28
    JAN GC £133.89 / £100.00 :(NSD 23 / 31
  • Evening everyone, ended up popping into supermarket for milk, bread and manged to spend £8.44 on other bits and bobs. And despite my big supermarket shop last weekend, the fridge is already pretty bare....

    Also , was my last day as am employee yesterday:eek:. As of Monday I will be self-employed with all the added complications and lack of security that brings!

    Oh, and although I'm very new to mse, this challenge and this thread I just want to say how helpful and friendly everyone seems. I lurked before I participated and rosieben- please don't reduce your postings!
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