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January 2011 Grocery Challenge

edited 29 December 2010 at 11:09AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • lily288lily288 Forumite
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    Hi Everyone,
    I spent £28 on shopping yesterday so have broken into my £100 for the month
  • SpiggleSpiggle Forumite
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    Hey again all, :wave:

    We popped to town this morning but I couldn't update earlier as I left the receipts with OH when I dropped him back off at work. :doh: So I've been waiting to pick him up to update the spreadsheet.

    Well, we got a lovely big piece of brisket and half doz eggs from the butchers, a bag of veg from the greengrocer and a couple of bits from Coop (inc own brand parsley sauce on 3 for £1). We spent a total of £15.53 which isn't too bad as we're now fairly sorted out until end of next week. :D

    OH has just put the brisket in to roast (real roast this time as opposed to pot roast with all the veggies in) covered and low temp for long time. Mmmmmmmm :drool: We'll have a couple of roast dinners out of it over the weekend, will chuck some then in to a casserole type of thing for a couple of days, will have some for sarnies for work and the last will get shredded and fried crispy which is absolutely delish either as a hot sarnie or with veg and mash or with beans and chips. Not bad for a joint that cost just £7.66. Tastiest cut for roasting and the cheapest too. :dance:

    :o I do have an amazing ability to eat the same thing every day though. :rotfl:

    So glad we're not losing your helpful posts rosieben. :T:grouphug::dance:

    Siggy is updated. Off to browse the boards again now.

    Take care all and have a great weekend,
    Mortgage Free October 2013 :T
  • You do monthly meal plans?! Im impressed...ive just done my first fortnightly one and struggled to come up with ideas, get everything we needed, and put it all away in the kitchen, I spent a good few hours yesterday planning and shopping and I had still forgotten things lol, and im going to have to re arrange my plan because I was planning on freezing some of the meat, but it wont all fit in the freezer! Is it just practice?!

    I have a system which works for me it was devised with a friend at work, and a few other people have joined in with it. What I do is (and sorry for this long post) on scrap paper print out a table from word which has 3 coloumns on it each one is labelled date, meal, ingredients. I have a separate list of meal ideas which i add, delete things from whether we enjoyed them or not.

    - chicken meals eg curry, homemade kfc, fajitas
    - mince meals eg pasta bake, HM burgers, shepherds pie, chilli
    - sausage meals eg fry up, sausage casserole,
    - fish meals eg HM fish and chips, fish pie
    - pork meals eg pork chops, chilli pork verde
    - beef/lamb meals eg beef stew, lamb casserole, curry
    - sunday roasts eg chicken, pork hocks, short ribs

    we then site down as a family (kids actually enjoy doing this part kids are aged 15 and 11) and decide on which day to have which meals, though last time i sat down they wanted fry up mon-sun! if i have short ribs on a sunday i know i can do beef rolls for sunday tea or monday night tea. friday and saturday is always alternate HM pizza or chinese.

    this is my geeky part I transfer the list on to a spreadsheet one coloumn for the ingredient and a quantity then use a pivot table to convert it in to a shopping list which i then sort in to A$da, Ald! or local butchers.

    I can send you this spreadsheet if you want to play around with it, it also has my basics shopping list which I tick what I need when I check my cupboards.
  • adelightadelight Forumite
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    Another NSD!
    I must get to the shops tomorrow, I have no fresh food! Well, a tub of cottage cheese and some spuds! I want to take advantage of a few special offers at Lidl and MrS, pick up some market veg and get some tuna while the current price war seems to be on!
    Living cheap in central London :rotfl:
  • smiler34smiler34 Forumite
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    Well my running total so far this month is £79.81 out of £400 and I have managed to get one big shop and not go back for anything, even did a bit of ad libbing with a chicken casserole recipe tonight so I didn't have to buy anything. Off to do another big shop for the week tomorrow so fingers crossed I can keep up the good work.
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  • I've not spent anything the last 2 days .... well that's a bit of a lie as I bought bread and milk today from M&S (closest shop to work) but I used a giftcard which I got before Christmas and forgot about.

    I need to get a few bits of veg/salad for next week but nothing major (and I don't have any money anyway - just posted a major rant on DFW about this). I will definitely need to stick to my budget actually better than my budget.
  • MummyEmMummyEm Forumite
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    Rosieben - I completely agree, do not stop posting!!!! I find it very helpful.

    I do have a quick question that perhaps one you lovely people can help with.

    I am going to try pizza dough in my panny BM for the first time tomorrow. Just been looking recipe up in the recipe book that comes with the BM. Says to prove the bread for about 20mins at 40c how do I do this? Where is warm enough in the house? I'm thinking maybe the oven on plate warming setting but not sure what temp this is, it may be quite a bit hotter than 40. Would love any ideas or suggestions.
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  • NickJWNickJW Forumite
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    rosieben wrote: »
    Thanks for the support girls - I wasn't actually about to go off in a huff and not post again though, I really do think the comment was just a throw away joke so I'm not feeling insulted, but it did make me think about how big the thread is etc and I do whitter on quite a bit :rotfl::T

    And boys? :(:D

    I'm glad that you'll keep posting :T

    £3.85 spent in Mr S today on bacon, mushrooms and pasta. I noticed that the Stilton is OOD so I need to think of ways to use it up. I'll do pasta, bacon, mushrooms and Stilton. I'm not a big fan of pastry so that rules out quiches and the like, but I'm thinking of doing a Broccoli and Stilton soup. I've never ate it before so I think it will be nice.
    I'll take some to work in wraps and salad as well I guess...

    A quick question - Stilton is mouldy so the OOD date of the 5th December really shouldn't make THAT much of a difference should it? I mean - it's mouldy anyway? :p
    Grocery Challenge 14 Jan 14 £46.05/£130

    Grocery Challenge 13 -spent £1453.06
    Grocery Challenge 12 -spent £1565.51

    DFD 1st March 2011 :T
  • zebredyzebredy Forumite
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    Just got to update sig again now, as OH got some stuff during the day while at work, he only spent £2.56 which isn't to bad as we didn't have any bananas at home, and he usually takes one to work with him everyday. Well I say isn't to bad, but he did get some mini rolls (2 packs for £1 each) didn't eat them all and left them at work :( Now for some reason I really want some chocolate, and we are both supposed to be on a diet :(

    Anyway met him at tesco on his way home as I forgot to get some potatoes (due to loosing my shopping list while out earlier) got two bags which were reduced to 45p each, they should last at least a week, even two if I remember to put the last ones pealed in a bowl of water before they start to turn, as I can usually get them to last up to 3 (even 4) days longer that way. Got some quorn mince that was £1 a bag, and some fish fillets, both of which I was going to buy at some point this month anyway so as they were reduced a bit I wasn't too bothered about buying them today rather then waiting..
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  • SilverCoSilverCo Forumite
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    Also , was my last day as am employee yesterday:eek:. As of Monday I will be self-employed with all the added complications and lack of security that brings!

    Sounds scary but also very satisfying Maisy Mouse, wishing you the very best of luck! :beer:

    rosieben, please don't cut down on the posts, it's really helpful to know when a recipe has been posted, and when you've managed to find a useful thread for us!! :T

    Did the main week's shop today, £10.64 in greengrocer, £2.38 in Holland & Barrett on dried beans and £12.88 in L!dl. Have made up our meal plan for the week and included no less than 3 SC meals! :D . Will update siggy in a mo.

    Have a lovely weekend everyone!

    Silver x
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