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January 2011 Grocery Challenge

edited 29 December 2010 at 11:09AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • Hi

    Just a small spend on mushrooms and cottage cheese 85p
    WW start date 31/8/2011 :j

    weight lost so far:- 32lbs :T
  • catznine wrote: »
    Just spent £2.28 on milk and bread! Kingsmill 50/50 has gone up 25p this week! Must get the breadmaker going again!

    2 loaves for £1.50 in Lidl, I stock up on this offer weekly.
  • Hi everyone!

    Just checking in to confirm that i have spent £40.17 of my £160 budget for January. As part of my shop I have bought some chicken thighs and veggies and have used my slow cooker (xmas present from the in-laws) to make a chicken stew - there is plenty for me and the other half and enough for another meal this week.

    I'm definitely going to have to get to grips with using the slow cooker as I think it may be a good MSE tool for this challenge!!

    Bit annoyed with myself as i still need to buy some fresh fruit for packed lunches for when i am back at work on wednesday so this will be another spend but won't venture to the supermarket until Tuesday to buy the fruit.

    Good news is that today is a NSD as we are having tea at the in-laws - which means one less meal to pay for out of the grocery budget!!!

    Congrats on the pregnancy toddles and great weightloss Mrs McM!!

    go to the graze website and enter this code: 4LKM1R3B to get your first graze box free and the second half price!!
  • elly2elly2 Forumite
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    £1.70 spend on milk today :D will take it to £2 (am rounding things to the nearest pound so i can put all change into my saving pot is it ok to do this ?).
    Am awaiting the delivery of my new slow cooker £11.99 in the argos sale :T my cousin is picking it up for me (not included in grocery budget) , my old one broke about 6 months ago but didn't have the cash to replace it am really excited about having a new one :o.
    so my weeks spend stands at £57 so far and my new week starts wednesday and it's looking like a nsd tomorrow :D.
    quick question what do people do with the money they save from the GB ?

  • elf06elf06 Forumite
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    Can anybody tell me how to do the crossing out thing in your signature so I can look like I'm making some progress?


    Hi Georgiegirl you just need to go to edit signature then highlight the bit you want to score out then click the symbol at the top right (under the font/font size/colour bit) that looks like a S with a line through it.

    Emma :dance:

    Aug GC - £88.17/£130
    NSD - target 18 days, so far 5!!
  • SpiggleSpiggle Forumite
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    costaerer wrote: »
    would you count tesco clubcard vouchers as spending money?
    Keybilly wrote: »
    ... Trying to be money savy said that I would have to go for the silver one due to being cheaper but did preferred the red one. He said he'd sell me the red one for £20, got out my gift voucher card from my birthday. Very happy with my new slow cooker, but would you class this purchase as a spend?
    ... Another question, if I spend T*s** vouchers on groceries, do you class that as a spend?

    I can't believe the number of pages since I was on last evening! :shocked: Amazing! :T

    I'll be back in a minute with another post but just wanted to say to both costaerer and Keybilly that I would definitely not count voucher or gift card or N*ct*r point redemption as spends.

    The vouchers and points have been earned through spending your money in a sm providing them with profit and so you could say the money has already been spent in the profit the sm includes on it's goods.

    If you spend more than the value of the voucher etc. then just add that amount to your balance.

    Gift cards are money spent by someone else for you so there is no way you should count that as a spend you have made.

    And just on a related point, well done on brilliant MSE tactics Keybilly. I wouldn't have included the purchase of a slow cooker in my grocery spend anyway, it comes from a different budget.

    Back in a minute or 20!
    Mortgage Free October 2013 :T
  • Today just needed a few bits, milk, bread etc. and grabbed a few store cupboard items. Spent a total of £7.54.
    MAR GC £92.43 / £100 NSD 16 / 31
    FEB GC £123.29 / £100.00 :( NSD 21 / 28
    JAN GC £133.89 / £100.00 :(NSD 23 / 31
  • ZeddyZeddy Forumite
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    Pavolvs_dog pointed me in this direction and I'd like to join in please. I'm setting the budget at £350 this month, which I'm hoping to do, there's 2 adults, 1 toddler, still in nappies so this gets included in our grocery shop and 2 cats - on the face of it the £350 seems easy, but I've been trying to stick to this amount for the last three months on my own and can't do it, so I'm hoping that by doing it formally I may just do it.
  • pixiedust09pixiedust09 Forumite
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    Hi folks, had to have a trip to Mr T's today, that was a stoopid thing to do on a bank holiday Monday I can tell you :doh:. Spent £30.80 but probably forgot something as too busy in there and just wanted to get out. Did buy a large box of coco pops half price, don't normally buy this cereal but fancied it and it was on offer.

    Thanks for the Rice Pudding links, will try making some later, only have semi skimmed milk though so hope this works.
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    Smile it confuses people :)
  • Yikes!
    I don't think I'm going to be very good at this! Big supermarket shop today with a fair bit of 'stocking up', but still..... over £100, must do better.

    Also our kettle blew up-so had to buy a new one :-(., but I didn't count that as groceries, hope thats OK!! Back to work tomorrow-packed lunches for everyone!
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