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  • I reuse tea bags, I don't like strong tea it's hardly in there at all.
  • Teachersaver you need to buy one of those dinky tea-eggs with a hook on the end of a chain. Or, what I use for loose tea when just making a cup for myself is one of those things that looks like a teaspoon with a hinged lid. I'm sure you could get hundreds and hundreds of cups of gnat's pee out of a quarter of loose tea. MUCH CHEAPER than teabags
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    Thanks for the good ideas. I'm embarrassed to admit that I changed to using tumblers for wine when I realised that my boobs were getting in the way when I tried to drink from goblets!:o:D
    Veg racks I've also found them useful for under the sink for keeping sponges, cloths, binbags etc separate. I actually bought one of those mesh, hang-under-the-shelf thingies to use as an intray for my office, I have to clear it when I can't squeeze anything else into it!:D
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    I found i can put scouring pads and sponges through the washing machine up to 4 times, they can withstand a 50 and 60 wash, I wash all my dishclothes too, just bung them in with the tea towels, add some own brand disinfectant to the machine drum, scoop of own brand bio powder and set it away.
  • Thanks for all the tips, I spent 2 hours by reading a stuff in this topic:D
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    We have a few families who come and visit us and stay in our spare room. When each couple has visited I make a note of who was here and if they are the next ones to visit I don't change the bed in between their stays - embarassing because if we had an unexpected visitor, our spare bed would not necessarily be ready for guests :-)
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    :) I stole this tip from somewhere else. You can cut lots of things in half (spongette dish scourers, dishcloths, Br*llo pads etc) and get lots more use for your money. You can also fool picky eaters by decanting things into storage jars or (ahem) into more expensive packaging to which they aren't entitled. What the eye doesn't see the heart doesn't grieve over....

    :) I have a part time-office job and only wear a work blouse for effectively half a day. Dress just before leaving the house and change as soon as I come in. Up on a hanger to air and let it rest a couple of days before wearing it a second time. Thus saving wear and tear on the garment, the washer and iron, water, detergent and my time.

    :) If someone asks if something I'm wearing is new, I say yes. After all, just because it came from a friend, a jumble sale or a c.s, doesn't mean it's not new to me. ;)
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    Re presents.
    Had nine new Cabouchon pendants today from Ebay for under £5 - great bargain - know it sounds mean but these are really pretty so I shouldn't feel guilty not spending a lot should I? Will come in handy as extra gifts sometime.
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    My hubby goes through tea bags like they are going out of fashion so he now decants them into an old sugar container that lost its lid. If he is in all day he can easily fill the container with tea bags as he only uses them once. I don't drink tea but when i come home i will boil the kettle and stick all the used bags in a big huge jug that i keep just for the purpose. Depending on his usage i sometimes have to do this twice lol. But then i use the cold tea to water all my house plants and they are thriving. The tea bags are then thrown into the compost bin. Am seriously considering collecting the tea bags from work as I work with someone who will use up to 10 teabags a day! In summer I also use the tea mix to feed the plants and veggies in the garden ... had a bumper crop of potatoes last year ... baby ones but they were delicious!
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  • You could also make Tea Wine with the used teabags!
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