Vegetarian Christmas alternative?

Anyone have any good idea for something tasty and fairly simple to prepare



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    Last year I cheated and bought them. It was filo pastry filled with roast veg gathered into little parcels. Lovely. Seemed like it wouldn't be too difficult to make and you could roast the veg before hand and freeze it.

    I'll keep an eye on this thread too!
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  • She who must be obeyed ( a veggie) tells me that Tesco are advertising a ready made one - nut and cranberry roast with goat's cheese topping.
    Enjoy !!
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    I t
    S imple
    S tupid!!
  • It is a tradition that I always have an Aunt Bessies vegetarian toad in the hole for christmas dinner! It is so yummy and it goes so well with roasties and veg with lots of veg gravy on top, hmmmm now I am hungry, I can't wait for the 25th!
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    Delia has a recipe for Cheese and Parsnip Roulade and she has another 481 Veggie dishes here
    There is also All recipes vegetarian christmas section. This is an american site but you can amend recipes to display using metric measurements.
    Vegetarian Society Christmas recipes
    BBC Food Vegetarian and Vegan Christmas
    Vegan Christmas
    Vegetarian Christmas Dinner - ivillage
  • As a veggie, my absolute fave is a roast, like everyone else has, with yorkshires and all the trimmings, and veggie gravy. Then I just use Quorn fillets in place of the meat. My Mum has been known to roll veggie sausages in veggie bacon, too!

    I love a wide range of veggie food, but if I didn't have a "traditional" roast on Christmas Day, I'd cry.
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    From a recent post in the Christmas Support thread there's:-
    From the FOE newsletter:-

    Celebrating christmas with a vegetarian in the family? Get some top tips at and recipe ideas at If you need inspiration for a vegan Christmas, visit
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  • I sometimes make Camembert and cranberry filo parcels for Christmas lunch - they're dead easy to make (even after a couple of glasses of champagne!) The recipe serves 4.

    1 x packet filo pastry (6 sheets)
    115g (4oz) butter, melted
    1 x 250 camembert, cut into quarters
    4 x tblsp cranberry sauce
    sesame seeds for sprinkling

    1 Preheat oven to 200°C/440°F/Gas 6. Taking the filo pastry sheets one at a time, brush with butter and fold in half. Brust again with butter, then place a wedge of the camembert in the centre. Top the cheese with a tablespoon of cranberry sauce.

    2 Carefully wrap each wedge of cheese in the filo pastry sheet until it is well sealed.

    3 Cut the remaining two sheets of filo into strips, brush with butter, scrunch them up gently and place on top of each parcel.

    4 Brush the parcels with melted butter and sprinkle the sesame seeds on top.
    Place on a greased baking sheet and bake for 10-15 minutes until crisp and golden.
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    I usually buy whatever nut roast type-thing Marks and Spencer is selling. I just have it with all the trimmings. I can not be bothered to cook a veggie main course when I am the only one eating it.
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    Hermia, shame on you, you should be treating yourself - I never cooked a meat dinner for anyone who was coming on Christmas, they should fit in around you - they are all converted now - hooray!!!
    I haven't got one!
  • cheekymole
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    We're having stilton and apple filo pastries this year with red wine and red onion gravy - mouth watering already
    I haven't got one!
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