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Vegetarian Christmas alternative?

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  • pavlovs_dogpavlovs_dog Forumite
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    is that shopbought or home made? cos it sounds yummy!
    know thyself
    Nid wy'n gofyn bywyd moethus...
  • homemade, would you like the recipe?
    I haven't got one!
  • Nut roast should be banned. This year I am having an Aunt Bessies Giant Yourkie, filled with Tofu and Veg Extra-Hot Made to Order Chinese Curry collected from our local t/away
  • Shame on you 'moneysavers' that buy in ready made yorkshire puds! Mine always come out nice when using the volumetric method:

    Equal volumes of egg and plain flour mixed together so they are smooth and then add enough milk to the consistency of double cream (just less than the same as the volume of flour, which is the same as the volume of eggs.) Get a bit of fat really hot in the oven (approx gas 7) I use a fairy cake tin. Pour in mixture, cook for 5 min and then turn down to gas 5 for about 10 min. Yummy, satisfying and a fraction of the cost!

    >Sorry it took so long for me to respond to the Q below but some vegetable oil is all you need for the fat. Don't use olive oil - it doesn't get hot enough. Merry Xmas!
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]
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    I am getting organised. Bought filo pastry, camembert and cranberry sauce. Feels good as I have a tiny freezer but enough room in the fridge. I`ll make a really good nut roast on 24th and that`ll keep nicely for a few days. Cheekymole would you please post your recipe. Sounds lovely
    I also like the yorkshire idea. I`ll get the quorn sausages in and the rest will be like a roast dinner.
    What type of fat bargain-Claire?
  • The "fat" is just cooking oil, I will post the recipe a bit later for you for the stilton and apple filo pastries
    I haven't got one!
  • Savoury Stilton and Apple Strudels

    1lge stick celery
    1 large apple cored and diced
    300g stilton rind removed and crumbled
    50 fresh white breadcrumbs
    3 tbsp sunflower oil
    25g butter melted
    13 sheets filo
    4 tsp sesame seeds

    makes 6 strudels

    cook celery in a pan of boiling water for 5 minutes drain and leave on kitchen paper to absorb excess water
    combine apple stilton and breadcrumbs with cooked celery
    mix oil and butter. fold a piece of pastry in half and brush with oil/butter mix
    fold another and plpace on top keeping the other sheets wrapped in clingfilm
    scatter a sixthy of filling leaving 2 cm gap round the edge. roll up loosely in a sausage shape and put on baking tray tuck in edges and brush with oil/butter
    repeat to make 5 more
    cut last sheet of pastry into 6 strips scrunch each one put on top of each strudel and sprinkle with seeds. bake for 15 minutes 200c gas 6

    and enjoy
    I haven't got one!
  • red wine and red onion gravy

    serves 4

    2tbsp olive oil
    2 red onions cut into thin wedges
    200ml red wine
    500ml stock
    1/2 tbsp plain flour
    25g chilled butter cubed

    heat oil add onion cook covered for 10 minutes. remove lid and cook for 5 minutes
    add red wine boil for 2 minutes add stock simmer for 10
    mix flour and butter to a paste whisk into gravy in small amounts. boil and whisk until thick and glossy simmer for 2
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  • jay-1jay-1 Forumite
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    That sounds lovely- can you freeze the filo pastrys and gravy as I would like to prepare it before rather than on the day.
  • I'm going to and have done with similar things before - good luck, it lookks like a lot of veggies will be getting this for their dinner this year!
    I haven't got one!
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