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What is it?

Mysupermarket is a new supermarket shopping comparison service that launched last week, a welcome addition to the price comparison market. While given access pre-launch, sadly the site didn't work then, so I've waited to publish my review until it's fully up and running.

What does it do?

Quite simply, you plug in the shopping you are planning to order online and it tells you the cost of the shopping basket with Ocado, Tesco, Asda or Sainsbury (the four main online supermarkets). You can then choose to see the cheapest and click through to make your order.

To do this, visit: MySupermarket

It will now be permanently listed in the Shopping section of the site as a comparison service. It should be noted - the site has problems if you use the Firefox browser, so access it via Internet Explorer.

My wish list for improvement

My prime problem is that delivery costs aren't included and this can make a real difference.

Yet I would also like to see the 'perfect goods basket' as an option - i.e. if you were to buy the cheapest goods from each supermarket what would the price be? This would enable you to decide for a big shop (e.g. if you are doing a party) that perhaps splitting the goods into two supermarkets would be cheaper - if it could automate this choice for you - then it'd be even more effective.

How does it make money?

At the moment it doesn't, it has no revenue links. Its plan is to start to carry targeted brand advertisements (not for supermarkets but for products) once the traffic is up.

Also while the core service is likely to remain free, additional bolt-on features that need paying for are planned. For example an ability to search goods via dietary or health requirements - and to break down and switch products due to your predefined health requirements.


A positive new innovation that is to be welcomed. Do remember of course though that by shopping online you may be missing out on switching goods to cheaper priced specials available in the stores (then again it does help stop impulse buying).

Martin Lewis, Money Saving Expert.
Please note, answers don't constitute financial advice, it is based on generalised journalistic research. Always ensure any decision is made with regards to your own individual circumstance.
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  • puj
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    Looks very intresting but it doesent seem to work very well with firefox when you get near the checkout.
  • ec9wrr
    ec9wrr Posts: 232
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    what a clever website!
  • Thats a fab website. Just got a few bits of my shopping from this morning checked out, and after the price comparison, I (for once) chose the cheapest supermarket.
    I also remember the words of my friends, but I would rather have enemies than friends like you :p

    :p would like to make it known that ZubeZubes avvy is a DHN, she's not dancing :o
  • Hi all,

    I was worried that the offers quoted on the Tesco website, shown via, would be for those buying online only. Happy to say that for the items I was interested in, the offers were available instore too!

    Therefore very useful site for those not shopping online too.
  • noyk
    noyk Posts: 253 Forumite
    I personally think food is one of the most important things in life (i always like to see the food i'm buying before i eat it, a little like trying on clothes)!
    Buying it online unless you have a very grey diet isn't really suitable.
    Thus, the "cheapest" does not equal the "best value for money". It would otherwise have been a good idea though!
  • Well, grey diet or colourful diet you don't actually need to proceed to shop with this comparison site as you input the goods you would normally buy and it tells you the prices across four supermarkets so you can see which is cheapest :)
  • Great idea and what a relief. I added everything on my favourites list (quite big!) and Tesco came out £20 cheaper than the 2nd best! Luckily for me i had just placed my order at Tesco's before i found this thread! One thing Martin, is there a button available where you could just select all products from your favourites list? That would make it much quicker if you have abig shopping list like i have. If there was one there, i missed it so i apologise in advance if thats the case!

    I LOVED the fact that it brings up the pictures though but is it possible to see a list of the products it doesnt show, ie the ones that weren't in stock?

    bubs x
  • julesgr
    julesgr Posts: 657 Forumite
    i did my shopping in Tescos and checked the receipt against mysupermarket and tesco cameup marginally cheaper due to teh bogofs etc
    Weight loss since 01/08/07 - 72 lbs:j
  • Im so dumb! I thought Martin created this site! Sorry..its late and all that ...
  • AuntyJean
    AuntyJean Posts: 585
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    I shop at Sainsbury's because it is the only supermarket within walking distance. It would be uneconomic to drive to Tesco. I have always felt I was paying over the odds.

    However, I just used this site to put in my average weekly shop and was aghast to find that my basket was cheaper than Tesco by about £8!! Asda was even dearer!!

    Thank you. I feel so much better now.
    There is always light within the dark
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