Halifax say NO now Yes very confused

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    kilasuit wrote: »
    apparently i have now got a card Cl £1000 @ 15.9% with 0% purchases 12months & 0% BTs 9 months

    Hi, do you mean as a guaranteed offer on your online banking?

    I got that offer, plus an offer with their telephone banking for a Clarity Card, sent the credit agreement off 2 weeks ago and it is apparently lost in the post:eek: So got another copy that I have to take into a local branch and they will fax it off.

    Bit peed off now, should have recorded it, bit late now though:mad:
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    udydudy wrote: »
    For existing current account customers(Not sure about existing credit card only customers) Halifax do not search the CRA for guaranteed offers. I have applied for halifax credit card and have not been searched as they had a limit already decided on my account(and a big one it was!!).

    jeez, I cant beleive halifax is still doing this, but its true halifax dont use CRA's of your an existing customer.

    my story, Had a basic bank account with halifax, had my JSA paid in fortnightly.

    I only had a basic account because I couldnt get a proper bank account due to a poor credit history littered with defaults!

    one day, girl at counter said i was pre-approved for a CC, i said yes, imagine my suprise when one came through the letter with with a 3k limit!

    anyway I started using card and not wanting to lose it by defaulting I used it sensibly but was only spending £100 a month and paying it off in full.my credit limit rocketed to £12k despite being on the rock and roll!

    anyway I went back to bank and asked for a full current account and was promptly turned down for it, due to poor credit report. I asked why i got credit card they said my basic bank account had been run in good order. You cant help but run a basic bank account in good order.
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