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'Pringles Etiquette – Do they have a ‘get out of bowl’ free card?' blog discussion



  • waterhouse_melons
    il have to first say that the buy one get two free offers are a load of balls. you are paying the rrp (or more) for 3 when normally they are half price each. really dont buy into them. Would much rather have half price each one.
    Anyway, yeah the pringles for a party would have to go in a bowl, otherwise you get all of the adults and old people getting annoyed they cannot get the last pringle when all of the kids are just lunging down there and getting all of the remainders to themselves!
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  • bubbles0169
    bubbles0169 Posts: 6,230 Forumite
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    they were 99p a tube so its like you get one free which is still fine for me:D

    id serve them in a bowl next to the plate covered in one of the pizzas which are also buy 1 get 2 free(which is a great deal as pizza is so damn expensive!) also next to the plate of cadburys fingers also at buy one get....:D
    I am not bossy I just have better ideas:p
  • kforshaw
    kforshaw Posts: 395 Forumite
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    A Patented Pringles chip and dip tray :)5137224095_9c2168a963_z.jpg
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  • Mobeer
    Mobeer Posts: 1,851 Forumite
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    In a bowl - it means more washing up, but you have to show off the fancy glassware at some point. Ideally though, serve something classy, like Monster Munch or Hula Hoops, or maybe economy bacon bites.
  • sassysar
    sassysar Posts: 112 Forumite
    kforshaw wrote: »
    A Patented Pringles chip and dip tray :)5137224095_9c2168a963_z.jpg

    it looks like a chocolate sledge:D
  • KimYeovil
    KimYeovil Posts: 6,156 Forumite
    Combo Breaker First Post
    kforshaw wrote: »
    A Patented Pringles chip and dip tray :)5137224095_9c2168a963_z.jpg


    Rosebud :)
  • JimmyTheWig
    JimmyTheWig Posts: 12,199 Forumite
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    Ann1e wrote: »
    As to serving, they can look quite nice laid out in a circle, a bit like a prawn ring. However, having just Googled (how sad am I?) Pringles images, there are no pics. I do recall trying it myself at a party, but if there are broken ones, it does kind of mess up the general effect.
    You'd have to eat the borken ones when you were setting up. Good plan!
    tingly wrote: »
    If they have what was once known as 'standards' or you want to make an impression- a bowl is the only way.
    Remember this is the Money Saving Expert we're talking about here. If they were served in a bowl the guests would assume they were supermarket own brand that he'd bought on the downshift challenge. Leaving them in the tube may give the better impression.
    bylromarha wrote: »
    We had mates round Sunday who misheard my son say Pingles
    Why did your son say Pingles?
  • flapjack_2
    mattytun wrote: »
    i dont eat them because they are bl00dy addictive :rotfl:

    I have a similar policy with Pringles... I try not to buy them because I can't stop until the tube is gone.
    I suspect that addictive white powder they sprinkle on them is some kind of controlled substance though I can't confirm this.
    The advert tells us "once you pop, you can't stop" but in my case it's more like "you can't stop until you pop".
    They never get as far as a bowl when I buy them, they're gone in 60 seconds, so the dilemma never arises.
  • nomoneytoday
    nomoneytoday Posts: 4,866 Forumite
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    Discogod wrote: »
    is this a ploy to get some free pringles Martin? :P ;)

    It'd probably cost more than the £2 for 3 tubes in bandwidth :p
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