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    sassysar wrote: »
    I love crisps but I dont really like pringles. Am I the only person on the planet? To me they are the crisp equivalent of smash!

    I agree they are very poor crisps compared to others but I've never tasted smash to compare.
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    If they have what was once known as 'standards' or you want to make an impression- a bowl is the only way.
    If they do not and are just regular 'peeps'- tube is the only way.
    If they are any of the above with hygeine related ocd, a tube and a supply of thin latex gloves, so only one is touched at a time from the tube and if inadvertently touch another, you are not contaminating them.
  • definately out of the tube, I have put them in rectangular pots before and they worked great:j
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    OOh, and savlon, cos they make your mouth sore after a bit. The savlon should be served in a bowl with a side bowl of cotton buds for application.

    Or is it me!!!!
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    Very clever product designed by the processed food industry to be:

    VAT free
  • It depends on who is doing the hoovering. If me, they go in a bowl, if someone else, I don't care how much crumb dribble-bounces off the corners of my mouth as I slovenly tip the last few out the tube.
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    they'd be in a party susan of course!!

    with a few dips :¬)

    There must be a recipe out there to use the crumbs left in the tube as a crunchy topping on a shepherd's pie - ask an oldstyler, they're bound to be able to point you in the right direction.:D
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    bowl or tube not needed in my house...............i would have scoffed all before guests arrive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I'd use a bowl nuless it was just my husband and kids sharing. Pringles are covered in some addictive dusty substance and people lick their fingers, then put wet fingers back into the tube ... ick!
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    I bought this offer Saturday. We had mates round Sunday who misheard my son say Pingles and thought he said Pringles. She then craved BBQ pringles, so we popped. We left them in the tube. Always leave in the tube. ALWAYS leave in the tube.

    I've now read this blog and have opened up another tube.

    So much for stocking up for Cmas...
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