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November 2010 Grocery Challenge

edited 28 October 2010 at 12:59PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • I decided not to include the £4 odd I spent at m&s in my budget as I used a voucher to pay for this and only bought the mussels and baguette as a treat because I had the voucher.

    Have managed to stay away from supermarkets for a week but I'm going to have to go tonight as I need some food for the guinea pigs and a few other bits and pieces. I'm doing a list of what I need which I'm going to ( hopefully! ) stick to, go on Mr S to work out how much it's going to cost and not spend any more!

    Was also quite pleased with myself as I had a 700g pack of mince. Half went into the slow cooker yesterday as a chilli which did me and OH for tea with 2 portions in the freezer. The other half is in the slow cooker today to make the hairy bikers version of mince and dumplings which I'm hoping to also get 4 portions out of. I know alot of you would stretch this alot further, but normally I would only get 4 portions out of the whole pack so it's a start! I also made up a batch of lemon curd cupcakes and coconut cupcakes last night as a treat as I refuse to buy cakes or biscuits anymore now so I'm going to have one with my mid morning cuppa nom nom nom
    Going to get to grips with food shopping again, starting February!

    Got married to my lovely hubby on 12/11/2011 :D
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    So much for staying away from the shops - nipped into A!di for some f&v and came out £19.13 lighter for the GC - bought f&v (qute a biit), gnocchi (2 pks), whoopsied pancakes (3 pks), whoopsied rolls, food bags, tom puree, balsamic vinegar and some other bits. Might make a batch of lentil & bacon soup for mine & DS3's lunches - yummy, warming & cheap! (although does nothing really for my overfilled freezer problem....) Can eat the whoopsied rolls today/ tomorrow then - without having to squish them in the freezer.

    Up to £189.70 now...

    ETA: Oh - and I found a 2 inch piece of the remains of a HM beer bread loaf - 10 days old!! - no mould, but hard - have cut crusts off and diced and will make croutons :)
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    I'm trying for £375 this month,
    Month started 29th October and finish 26th November

    New Total £115.33

    Co-op £17.88

    New Total 133.21

    I'm looking at £75.00 per week, so this total shouldn't be more than £150.00 by next Friday. (12th November)
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    Quick update to my total. I've been spending more than normal as I'm starting to buy all the Xmas goodies. I've got all my wine and champers when it was 25% off at mr T. Picked up a box of QS using extra points coupon too. This week its the frozen seafood and need to keep an eye out for the best deal on smoked salmon, we go through loads as the kids love it. I can finally see some spaces growing in the freezer but really need to get the brambles and tayberries out to make jam this week that would really free up a lot of room. Off to make a pot of potato and leek soup its baltic here.
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  • Not a good start to my first attempt at this I [probably] unrealistically set myself a budget of £60 per week for 2 but in the first week went over it by £10 :( However the shop did contain things we only buy on a monthly (or more) basis (cat food, cling film, coffee etc) I suppose if we take those out then I would have been on budget as it came to £54 :)

    We did get a couple of bargains like a big rump steak reduced to £4 which when cut up will provide at least 3 meals and a £6 chicken that should provide at least 4 if not 5 meals.

    So hopefully our next shop should only require the very basics like fruit and veg.
  • Another NSD

    got a few toilet rolls left...fingers crossed they last a week!

    Rice pudding for tea tonight :) thanks to mother in law!
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  • rosiebenrosieben Forumite
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    franby64, your soup recipe is now added to the front page lists :T
    I'll be trying this one myself ;)
    ... don't throw the string away. You always need string! :D

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  • Hello All:wave:

    I am fairly pleased with myself upto now, I managed to stay out of the supermarket all last week and when it came to Friday and time for us to do our weekly shop I decided that we had plenty in the freezer to be getting on with so never bothered:j

    I did have to pop out last night but only for some f&v and as the weather was horendous I just nipped to my local MrT's. I thought I done fairly well too. I came away £17.99 lighter but for that I got a fair bit (mainly fruit for all our packed lunches). i also managed to bag my first real whopsie bargin:money:Some lovely mature chedder reduced from £2.89:eek: to 62p! That is in the freezer now waiting for Christmas.

    On sat I took out a frozen chicken for sunday lunch but come sunday none of us where really in the mood for a big meal (we had all been ill last week and still not fully recovered) so the chicken got roasted then cooled and divided up into meal size portions. We had chicken wraps for lunch today, we are having homemade chicken pot noodles (really just chicken chow mein but served in a cup, the kids like it) tomorrow night and we should have enough left over for a chicken fried rice later in the week. The legs and wings will also be used for packed lunches through the week! I will make this chicken stretch:)

    Well I have waffled on for long enough so off to update my sig, TTFN X
    Just little old me!
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    Aiming for my 3rd NSD today. We have run out of low fat spread but I am going to wait until tomorrow when I will need to get milk for the parents visit. I will get some value butter I use for bread making/baking out of the fridge tonight to soften overnight to use for toast/sanwiches in the morning.

    Swapped my old kitchen fridge freezer over for the one from the garage that is in better nick and I could really see when I swapped the contents over how much we have eaten out of it in the last few weeks. Might make some room for the Christmas stuff at this rate:)
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  • I did end up spending some money on groceries this weekend but mainly on things for this week. Got enough to make a couple of batches of soup which should see me through to Friday. However, I am nearly out of loo roll and hand soap so will need to go shopping tonight. Hopefully it'll be less than a fiver so I am reasonably on track for this point in the month.
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