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November 2010 Grocery Challenge

edited 28 October 2010 at 12:59PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • Mollina_GirlMollina_Girl Forumite
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    Another NSD today, that's brings me up to 7 (sig updated). Although I will have to go to Mr M on Thursday. I've made a list and am determined to stick to it. (Mr M thinks he is my friend but he isn't really - it just took me a while to realise it)
    Made a batch of chicken soup and had that for lunch, the rest is in the freezer and we're having sausage casserole in the sc for dinner tonight.
    It's my 1st month doing the GC and just getting myself a bit organised has made all the difference.
  • I've been re-jigging my budgets and have now decided to include pretty much everything in my GC, but to have separate sub-budgets in my own spreadsheet too.

    I first started doing these challenges in April and I now think I've finally found the system that works for me.

    I'm looking forward to having an annual total for 2011, and keeping an eye on my spending consistently throughout the year (how sad lol!)
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  • SpiggleSpiggle Forumite
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    Hello All,

    I finally got around to updating for the spends on Saturday and Sunday which came to £12+. The sig is now updated too.

    It's really cold here at the moment but at least the vicious north wind of this morning has now reduced to a strong north wind! My Mum always used to call the north wind a lazy wind as it didn't go around you but just cut straight through you. :p

    I quite liked your description russetred of the weather being 'baltic'! :rotfl: I suppose it is on the west coast of Scotland so I should stop moaning and being wimpy! :o

    We've had a couple more NSD but unfortunately OH had to go and get some carrots on Sunday as he forgot them on Saturday which keeps the total down. Ah well never mind, I don't intend buying anything else for the next couple of days so that should help.

    OK, feeling a bit jaded tonight, it's busy in work at the mo, so I think I'll just have a quick smooch around the other boards and then get off to watch the gogglebox.

    Have a good evening everyone and keep warm.

    All the best,
    Mortgage Free October 2013 :T
  • Spent £7.50 tonight in Bargain Booze on 6 bottles of coke plus £2.13 in the Co Op on some whoopsied veg & cobs.

    Hippeechiq - still thinking of you.
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  • £2.35 spent in Morrisons on Sunday on some oil, body spray and chewing gum. I did buy some cakes too, but they were consumed/left at my sisters, so I won't count those!

    I did also buy some cakes today as popped in to see my dad after being 'released' from jury service, but they're not counted either, especially as he bought me a packet of smoked salmon, so it was a good trade really!
    Grocery challenge - Nov: £52/£100
  • Just to report my weekly shopping is about £6.5, but struggling with NSD - will try Wed/Thursday and then Sunday
    Don't forget smiling :):):)
  • adelightadelight Forumite
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    Yesterday I got a big bag of reduced oranges for 39p, and the melon I got at market 9 days ago is still going strong in the fridge!
    Spent £3.00 on various root veg, bananas, pasta sauce and pasta. I have a feeling i'll be without coffee for the rest of the month as I need all the pennies I have left to top up on fresh fruit/veg(special offer and bag of spuds...) mid-month.
    Living cheap in central London :rotfl:
  • CupOfChaiCupOfChai Forumite
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    Hi everyone, just dropping by to let you all know I've been shopping again :). Picked up what I need for the week, only I just realised as I went to make my sandwich last night for lunch today, I had forgotten to get bread! Had to run to the Spar round the corner, coat over jimjams job, and pay loads more to get it from there. Grr.
  • debtmessdebtmess Forumite
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    may i jump in with £100 please x

    i have not spent anything yet this month, have a nearly empty fridge (the downside) but will go shopping on friday, need to completely empty freezer before 23rd december im away for the week over xmas (my mums with the boys, she is doing xmas for us ) so this month and next month will b bare basics
    Debt free :beer:

    Married 15/02/14:D
  • waddy80waddy80 Forumite
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    I'm not sure how it has happened but I've had a full week of NSD's! I had planned to go whoopsie shopping on friday and again yesterday, but never managed it (and the weather put me off going out!) I even went to the local shop on sunday, with the aim to buy something and they didn't have it.

    Anyway I will be spending tomorrow, as we have no fruit or veg, or soft drinks, or bread. Hopefully I will go to lidl, if not it will be the co-op round the corner from my mums. Although I always find the co-op expensive for fruit and veg.
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