You know your broke when you find Primark expensive

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You know your broke when you find Primark expensive

edited 2 November 2010 at 9:31PM in Debt-Free Wannabe
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slugger09slugger09 Forumite
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edited 2 November 2010 at 9:31PM in Debt-Free Wannabe
Certainly not a good state of affairs and its all very depressing really, I was looking at a pair of jeans today in Primark £9 and I thought I really can't actually justify paying that, I only actually have 1 pair of jeans but still I thought that money could actually do something else, have you ever been in that situation?



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    Diana_PrinceDiana_Prince Forumite
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    I think you end up doing that with everything when you're a DFW!! I found myself looking at satsuma's today in Mr T that were 1/2 price but as I'm not a huge fan of them I didn't buy them because I could put that 75p towards something else!! :)
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  • talanatalana Forumite
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    I was looking at a pair of jeans today in Primark £9.....

    Ooh expensive! I bought a pair today in a charity shop £4, a perfect fit as well. My first ever clothing buy in a charity shop, and I'm sure won't be the last.

    Just thought I'd share :o
  • I too look at clothes/shoes in affordable shops and think "the price should be cheaper". It is natural when you are on a budget. I have friends who think nothing of paying £50 for a casual dress/skirt which they will wear once or twice. I become more and more frugal each day - unsure if that is good or bad!
  • tallyhohtallyhoh Forumite
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    £9 for jeans in Primark? yes, I would consider that a waste of money as not usually good quality. Better off going to a charity shop or buying from Ebay.

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  • panambipanambi Forumite
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    The same happened to me the other day in Primark!

    Went to a couple of charity shops instead and got 4 pairs of jeans for a grand total of £8! (£2 each):T and much better quality :j
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  • I wouldn't pay £9 for Primark jeans either. If you can't find any in a charity shop or on eBay, it is worth saving up and spending a bit more on a pair from Debenhams - you can very often get them for not much more than that in their sales.
  • mumcollmumcoll Forumite
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    I remember (almost 30 years ago) when I had a prescription and couldn't afford to get it as I didn't have the money. The cost was 20p! And a lipstick, no chance.....
  • Hi there

    You're just applying Martin's Mantras - and that's a great thing. You can't have really needed it, as you can do without it.

    I know it's depressing, but £9 would have been £15 - £18 of extra salary you'd need to earn. Which, would be a good 2 to 3 extra hours of work. Not such good value now...!

    Don't worry, you'll get through it, especially with your tenacity.

    All the best
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  • Slugger, I know exactly how you feel. Yesterday I stood in a 30min queue in Primark to get a refund on an £11 dress. It was the first thing I'd bought myself in ages, but I felt so guilty about buying it, I decided I didn't even like it anyway. I must've thrown out £100+ of unworn clothes from Primark over the years because it wasn't worth the hassle of taking it back, it was all so cheap per piece. Now I want to kick myself! That £11 is much better off in my bank account than theirs!
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  • Yep I know where your coming from Slugger, however logged on just to thank eyeopener for the brilliant answer to the idiot cashbackproblems post! x
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