What do you earn, how much do you owe and how much are you paying off?



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    39% min on a 17k Salary
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  • enough, to much, a certain amount
  • Well at the moment I'm lucky if I take home £800 a month.

    See below for debts...

    I can just about afford to live but my debtors are getting token payments of £1 at the moment because that's all I can afford without ending up homeless, barefoot & ragged with a scrap-metal-worthy car outside the house!

    Just lost my job, I've been crucifying myself & going without everything including clothes, shoes, days out, car repairs, petrol etc trying to pay off my minimum repayments of £256 a month but I can't afford them anymore.

    It's not a nice situation to be in...trust me!

    Not that my ex-hubby cares...

    (bitter? who me?!)
    Debt 2007 £17k :(

    Current Debt approx £7.5k :)

    Target - to pay off all debts by 2020 :A
  • earn - approx £800 per month
    owe - nothing
    pay off - nothing
    save - £500
  • anniestar
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    1) Not enough
    2)Far too much
    3) As much as we can afford
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    Hi all, thanks for posting - sorry if you think I've been far too cheeky and nosey!!

    I shouldn't worry - those who feel comfortable can share, those who don't can feel free not to. Simple! :beer:
  • Wages; approx £1,300 per month plus travel allowance.
    Debts; Natwest Loan, £16,500, Credit Cards approx £4,000, Adsa card £230.
    Pay minimum amounts as cards are at 0% at mo, trying to put money into savings account to pay off lump sum but something unexpected always seems to happen each month!
    Interesting thread!
  • Rgc_3
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    Like a lot of visitors to this site, I've taken a lot of positive inspiration from this site and hope that my question isn't too nosey!

    I would quite like to know how much you earn, what your debt is and how much you manage to pay off a month.

    I'm trying to work out my game plan to clear my debt and I've been wondering about these three things in relations in to each other.

    Once I know what I'm going to be doing I promise to post my answer to my question!

    i suppose on the surface it does seem a bit nosey;) ;) ....but i think i see why your asking the question...its all pro rata aint it(500.00 is a mountain f debt to some but to others it be a wish come true if it was the whole debt )which explains the different options people take to tackle their own finances.

    Im not so mch having a lghtbulb moment just now i think it be more accurate to call it a fluorescent moment with a diodgy starter:rotfl: but in terms of percentages my loans against salary is around 60% going to loans with total outstanding debt being around 144% of yearly salary(like i say i still need to get accurate figures together(Put a new starter in:o )

    Sooo i guess the debt in terms of a percentage is more useful to you to help you work out your own plan of action.

    Overall monthly outgoings take 100% of salary (without housekeeping etc as my wifes salary accounts for that)

    just rough figures and im going through them all next week when im home(work away from home)

    good luck:beer:
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    I pay about 15% of my salary, but then I live alone so all bills/mortgage/living expenses come out of that salary too.
  • Flat rate is £23000 pa ( I think) but i also do quite a bit of over time
    I owe £6600 to my parents which I am saving up to pay off.
    I also have a mortgage which I pay off at £580 per month.
    don't know about bills yet as only just moved and haven't had them all yet.
    Car £1500
    Parents £5000
    Barclaycard £900.68
    + 127,000 Mortgage :eek:
    all on my lonesome
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