What do you earn, how much do you owe and how much are you paying off?



  • I take home £1400 a week after tax and owe nothing... but that is now

    When I was at my lowest I was taking home approx £1300 a month after tax
    I owed £13,500 and was living on my overdraft the day after payday each month for a long while...! I was spending about £800 a month on debt and £300 on rent leaving me not a lot...

    Deepest Debt - £13,000+
    Debt Now - £0
  • poppy52
    poppy52 Posts: 186 Forumite
    Debt-free and Proud!
    When I started my dmp a year ago, I owed twice my annual salary - I pay 45% of my take-home pay towards my debts.
  • I average about £1000 a month earnings (self employed so can vary)
    My debt total is around the £14000 mark (see signature)
    I pay around £600 a month towards the debt, more if I can afford it.
    Lightbulb moment June 06 Total Debt. £16665.06 :eek:

    Total Debt December 2006 £14,354:mad:
  • susie76
    susie76 Posts: 59 Forumite
    I earn 16000 (1016 pm after tax etc), owe 21000 (yikes), pay 353 on a DMP with CCCS, expect to be debt free in 5 years.
  • Storm
    Storm Posts: 1,749 Forumite
    Debt-free and Proud!
    I take home about £1300 a month, plus overtime some months
    Debts - see sig!
    I'm planning on paying off £450 a month (about 1/3) plus and O/T each month, but I'm going to be moving soon and I think that might mess me up a bit...
    Total Debt 13th Sept 2006 (exc student loan): £6240.06 :eek:
    O/D 1 [strike]£1250 [/strike]O/D 2 [strike]£100[/strike] Next a/c [strike]£313.55[/strike]@ 26.49% Mum [strike]£130[/strike] HSBC [strike]£4446.51[/strike]@15.75%[STRIKE]M&S £580.15@ 4.9%[/STRIKE]
    Total Debt 30th April 2008: £0 100% paid off!

  • poppy52 wrote:
    When I started my dmp a year ago, I owed twice my annual salary - I pay 45% of my take-home pay towards my debts.

    Hi Poppy. I'm about the same as you. My debt is currently around twice my gross annual salary.

    However, I am only paying around 28% of my net salary towards debts, I am paying a further 30% towards my mortgage and having a wild old time with the remaining 42%!!

    Do you include your mortgage as a debt or a cost?

    Debt free - achieved Jan 2021

    Mortgage free wannabe - started 15/10/21

    "No man is a failure who has friends"
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