What do you earn, how much do you owe and how much are you paying off?



  • System
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    Earn 31K (Gross)
    Debt 43K
    Paying off 720 per month (Approx 1/3 of my net income)
  • Earn 17,750k
    Owe £18K see sig
    Paying back as much as poss within reason...
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    Loan 1 [STRIKE]£19676.15[/STRIKE] £17859.89
    TOTAL [STRIKE]£26586.53[/STRIKE] £23,345.48
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  • Lara44
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    Earning about £700 soon to be £800 due to pay rise
    ATM paying off about £200 pm, which is salary plus selling things

    This will fall to a more stable £150 (bizarrely) when I earn more as I would like to replace some of my horrible old clothes and also join the college gym. And do some more nice things :)

    So about 33%
    :A :heartpuls June 2014 / £2014 in 2014 / £735.97 / 36.5%
  • winkle1
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    earn 26.5K

    owe £6355.55 on HSBC loan, £400 overdraft and £400 on egg card.

    I save £500 a month so I can pay off the loan at the end of the year. the overdraft and egg card are very low interest so just paying the minimum on the egg card and will tackle early next year.

    Just wanna get that loan cleared!!!!

    Reclaimed my bank charges - got £250 back from HSBC and £88 from First Direct :)
  • total income approx £55K, debt is bout 60% of that, pay off between £700-900 per month.
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  • Well I earn about £1,380 a month net.

    Debt is £24,780.68.

    Last year I paid an average of £850 odd a month to debts. But this included money from ebay, matched betting, reclaimed bank charges.

    I normally pay around the £750 mark a month.

  • black-saturn
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    I only earn £7,200 per year which amounts to £150 per week. I don't claim any benefit and I have 2 children. I am mortgage free and now debt free. When I was paying my mortgage and debts I was paying about £90 per week out on them.
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  • livinginhope
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    Debt-free and Proud!
    OH earns 32k gross
    We owe 106k
    We pay 115/month,trying to up the payment with Payplan,but they have failed to keep their appointments??
    Debt at highest £102k :eek:
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    Debt free october2017 :j
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  • Gemmzie
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    I earn £200 a month (but will soon be £270 due to payrise and Sunday overtime)
    Owe, about £2.5k (£1.5 is car)
    Pay back £100 min each month
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  • I don't earn very much either probably less than £8,000 but I do claim Child Tax Credits and of course get Child Benefit.

    No debts as such fortunately.
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