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  • I used to have online statements for everything but now have gone back to paper copies from my bank and utilities as we had problems with banks and with overseas investments requiring paper proof.
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  • JimmyTheWig
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    HairY wrote: »
    they wanted a scan of a paper statement.
    That's the best yet!
  • scotsbob wrote: »
    Last time I went into a bank branch to try to open an account, they wanted me to show a gas or electric bil.

    We must be the only country in the world where you have to be a gas or electricity customer before you can have a bank account, it's ludicrous.

    ha ha - you should try living in France. You quite often have to take your parents with you as ID....
  • rev_henry
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    ha ha - you should try living in France. You quite often have to take your parents with you as ID....
    That's if the entire country's workforce actually bothers to go to work, which would be a rare thing atm. :D
  • There are so many banks out there, just itching to get at one's money that it's the perfect time to close that account and open a new one. If everybody did that it would soon show up their failings. Banks dont listen to constructive, common-sense arguments - they only look at figures!
  • jrawle
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    plusman wrote: »
    [The comment made above about Internet Banks verifying indentity electronically is, in my view, also erroneous - I have yet to contact a bank that does not require some "hardcopy" of original or notarised information].

    For savings accounts, they will certainly do it electronically. I tend to open one or two new accounts each year for the best rates, and haven't had to send documents for years. Newcastle Building Society didn't require anything, and neither did Icesave (administered by Newcastle - I had to input my passport and driving licence number for them to check electronically). Alliance and Leicester didn't require anything just over a year ago (I'd had an ISA with them previously, but no active accounts at the time). West Brom BS didn't require any orignial documents when taking out a fixed rate bond, and neither did Santander. And AA Savings didn't require any documents a month or so ago, although they do require a cheque for the first deposit.

    Surely as long as your credit record is in order, it already contrains information about your bank account, and your address? This is what banks use to verify your ID, so the usual advice about ensuring you're on the electoral register, etc. apply.

    I can understand your reluctance to send your passport, but if you ever travel to a country requiring a visa, you'll need to do this anyway. If you use Special Delivery it should be OK (at least they'll pay for a new one if they lose it!)
  • Alan_In_London
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    This is why I refuse to switch from paper statements, they are just too important as a form of identity, or proof of income or savings.

    I wanted to sign up for account alerts via text messaging with NatWest, but they will only enable it if I switch to paperless statments, so I politely declined.
  • mnbvcx
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    Not the only reason not to go paperless... when the credit card companies decide your card number is 'on a list of potentially compromised accounts' as mine does very regularly, the online access gets locked out and you can't get the old statement data...

    I have a joint account with my bank and I wanted a sole account and they won't open it without all the id check rubbish... it's ridiculous.
  • See, I had the inverse experience; I applied for a basic bank account with the Co-operative Bank, and was told no ID was needed as they could check where and who I was via the electoral roll - great! Unfortunately, it was declined because they thought the application was fraudulent. So they asked for identification and proof of address, so I supplied my driver's license, passport and most recent council tax bill... and was declined again because they thought the application was fraudulent. So they asked for proof of all of my addresses for the last six years, so I sent in an old bank statement from 2008 and a council tax bill from my current and previous address... and was declined again because they thought the application was fraudulent!

    Oh yeah, and this took almost two months. Cretins.

    Full sorry tale here: http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=2755346

    Personally I can understand why banks take ID, given the number of people who try to commit fraud or launder criminal proceeds. A print from a website could come from anywhere - even a bank stamp isn't all that good as proof of legitimacy as these can be (and are) forged. What makes me laugh is even when I supply proper documents above and beyond what I would expect I'm still looked on with suspicion...
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    A friend's Mum, late 70's went into her local Halifax to change over her joint account with them to one in her own name due to the death of her husband, complete with the will, death certificate, they insisted she prove who she was with either a driving licence or a passport - she had neither, eventually they accepted her bus pass! Rather upsetting to say the least.
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