Money Moral Dilemma: Should I return the overpayment?



  • Isn't that the mantra that all shops use to get out of over paying you.

    Would they have contacted you if they had made an underpayment - don't think so!

    Keep the money as compensation for all the times you have been short changed and not realised until it was too late (IE left the shop).

    The employee will have learned a valuable lesson, and perhaps Tesco will do more to train their employee's
  • Definitley YES since the Bank have pointed this error out but deduct £5 for your expenses.
  • I would be contacting Tesco and asking them why one of their managers is trying to carry out emotional blackmail on their employees and customers.
  • aaj8714
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    I worked in RETAIL for 25 years and if a mistake was made and the money was wrong at the end of the day then the manager/assistant manager or administrator would scrutinise the days till rolls to see where the error was made. If £65 was overpaid then the Manager/Assistant Manager or Administrator should have made the call to the customer themselves (not the employee) explaining they had made an error and come to some arrangement with the customer. Maybe A £20 TESCO VOUCHER as a gesture of Goodwill may have been a solution so both parties are satisfied.
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    Yes of course you should repay it. Imagine the situatiion was reversed & you had made the mistake, would'n you want the person to repay? There are too few honest peole about today. I just walked out of a supermarket with some goods I had forgotten to swipe through the self service checkout, so telephoned them to arrange to pay for the items.
  • Yes, I would return the money. Mistakes do happen and after working in a bank I know exactly how that cashier is feeling regardless of whether his job was on the line. At the very least a log of his errors would be kept and used at appraisal time.

    Some time ago my mom went to the post office and was overpaid her pension. She discovered this as she checked her money when walking away from the counter. She re-joined the queue and told the cashier that a mistake had been made with her money. The cashier was quite nasty and pointed to the sign 'please check your money as mistakes cannot be rectified afterwards' and said "Can't you read?" Mom replied "Yes, I can but you can't count as you have given me too much" then walked out. I wish I had been there to see the obnoxious cashier's face!:rotfl:
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    Sounds like a scam to me - don't do it.

    How did this person get your number anyway - all seems wrong to me.
  • I would give the money back.
  • A telephone call over a week later sounds most irregular not to mention suspicious.

    If I could satisfy myself they genuinely overpaid and they provided documentary evidence I would repay, via the supervisor or manager, otherwise it would be a polite apology that I unless I could be sure of their claim I could not pay them.
    The member of staff will have to cover the loss no doubt, for this reason I would go to the store and talk to the member of staff to check.
    Have to mention that I had some clubcard vouchers that had lapsed out of date and the girl on the phone has reissued them. Worth about £800 in deals so booking a holiday before the exchange rate goes down to 3X.
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