Money Moral Dilemma: Should I return the overpayment?



  • pippitypip_2
    pippitypip_2 Posts: 1,018 Forumite
    I used to work for Tesco (retail and internal security) and this seems way out. Till reports are checked daily and staff error is never shifted on to the customer.

    Either this is a manager going off script quite badly and asking an assistant to make the call, or the assistant is taking matters into their own hands.

    I recommend ignoring this one!

    I think, given the above post (v helpful) - this rings true for me. I do think it's odd practise for such a large company and doubt it's policy/ procedure.

    As the transaction was done in good faith, I'd say no - they're putting the focus of the mistake on to you/ emotional blackmail - I don't approve of that - it should have been done more formally - maybe by letter with evidence of the mistake from the manager. Esp as you're not sure how much the balance was and can't be sure of the mistake yourself..

    I know I'm in my own little world, but it's ok - they know me here! :D
  • Whether the chap is in trouble or not it is about an honest mistake and so without question the money should be handed back. This applies at any time when mistakes are made, honesty is a cornerstone of our society which most of us hope will happen when we are the losers, but for some its not the case when they are the winners, preferring instead to keep the gain.
  • i dont think i could live with the thought of someone else getting into trouble for me keeping the money, but i would want to see the boss to talk about it. I wouldn't want to give it straight to the guy who phoned. I do think it would sound a bit suss.
  • A.Jones
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    I wouldn't pay anything back. I doubt the guy is telling the truth. I cannot believe Tescos would force staff errors on to the staff member. I would imagine that they would investigate if a staff member made many errors, but not force the staff member to pay out if they made a genuine mistake. Do they charge till errors if something doesn't scan or do they charge security guards if something is stolen?

    The staff member contacting a customer looks bad for the company. I would contact the boss / customer services and inform them that a member of their staff has informally used the Tesco system to get details of a customer, and contacted them asking for money back. If they get in trouble, so be it. For me, getting customer details and contacting them is worse than making the mistake in the first place.
  • Frosti
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    I'd want full details in writing on headed paper from the supervisor first.. Then I could check my own records properly and if the overpayment was actually made I would return it. However, on the strength of a 'phone call from someone claiming to be the clerk with a sob story; no way!
    Tesco make much of their promise to return twice the error if they overcharge for an item anyway, so in this instance I think they'd probably take the hit and the employee would be given extra training to ensure it didn't happen again, and possibly a warning.
    It all sounds rather fishy, tbh.
  • I have to agree with a couple of people before me. Don't pay it back. Big supermarkets/stores do not ask their till employees to ring customers, its 'beyond their payscale'.

    Leave it for now and wait and see if you get a written request to pay the money back. But then I would still argue it was a staff mistake not mine. Yes the emplyee will get told off but whats a telling off, he/she won't loose their job ( unless he/she has made a habit of this sort of thing then he/she should have been more careful!!)

    With the "Customer is always right" attitude of store now, and Mystery shoppers I can't see any store ringing and asking for money back personally.
  • :hello:

    I agree, I dont see what the dilemma is. It works both ways...if it was you that had overpaid a Customer would you be willing to take a loss/go through disciplinary proceedings without attempting to contact the customer?

    I think not.

    The employee is clearly keen to make amends.
    Times are hard - yes.
    But as the person who ignored the calls from the Post Office, Tesco will catch up with you!
  • Honesty is the best policy!
    I recently bought an item from Tesco Direct list price £25, but there was a discount of 50% - when I returned it to the Tesco store that I collected it from the assistant entered a credit of £25 instead of £12.50.
    I immediately pointed out the error to him as I did not want him to get into trouble and perhaps lose his job - it made me feel better as well.
    No reliance should be placed on the above.
  • Proof would be required before I paid it back. As far as I'm aware the receipt would show exactly what the transactions were, and Tesco would have acopy even if you don't. However, these cash passport cards don't allow you to spend more than is credited on them so how could you get more back than you charged it with? Once the balance is zero there is no way to get money from it without adding more to it again so the cashier couldn't give you twice as much as it showed.
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  • If you realised the mistake at the time, you should have given the money back.

    If you only found out when you had the call, and still have the money, then you should give it back.

    On the the other hand, if you didn't realise the error, assumed that what Tesco had given you was correct and have spent the money, then that is too bad and I don't see why you should have to borrow to pay Tescos back, although honesty might mean you'd want to.
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