Money Moral Dilemma: Should I return the overpayment?



  • As if you didnt know..... When you go shopping do you empty out your purse/wallet and trust they will give you the change correctly?? If you are able to confirm the overpayment is legit then next time you're their speak to the manager (not the employee) to sort out. If you genuinely cant prove the overpayment then i wouldnt pay on their say so..:money:
  • I dont see Tesco or anyone else for that matter running after you if they over charge you, so no.

    The basic maths skills of a lot of people serving behind tills are quite shocking.
    For companies putting people in a position of handling money they should be investing in lessons if they find their staff are unable to do simple arithmetic.

    For an example.
    If an item is £9.34 and I hand over £10, it's rung through the till but then I find 50p in my pocket. Far too many times this utterly confuses the person serving since then can no longer rely on the machine to calculate for them.

    Tesco have no morals anyway.
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    wow - I'm not even sure why this would be a 'moral dilemma'! If you have received money that you are not entitled to then there is no dilemma. Its not yours. Give it back.

    On the issue of the phone call & delay in doing so etc (which is irrelevant to the 'moral' issue) - having spent the largest portion of my life as a bank manager it is not unusual for a cashier difference to take a few days to resolve. It is not always clear how / why a till difference arose (and the more inexperienced the cashier, the more complex a 'simple' error can appear). I would have always got my cashier to call the customer (once the source of the error had been verified) as it is teaching that cashier to accept responsibility (and hopefully prevent similar errors in future). Of course the customers' own integrity dictates whether they return the cash or deny it was them. And there is nothing the organisation can do to force the issue.
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  • Of course you should give it back. This is not your money. Simple.
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    I am not sure if Tesco's are one of the stores that do this but a lot of places have signs up saying..

    "Please check your change before you leave the till as mistakes cannot be rectified later"

    Surely that counts both ways and not just when you have been overpaid?

    However, if I had been overpaid it and it had proved to be so, I would return it but make a hint that I was put out by travel and time and try to blag some form of compensation.
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  • no dont give it back let him learn a lesson the company should pay and sort out their process and systems as clearly its flawed if it allows this to happen and those who say give it back its not yours well then you must work for a bank spelt i.d.i.o.t.s
  • What does Tesco say about this blunder, and what will be on the receipt when the money goes back ??
  • terryya
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    Bigsmak wrote: »
    I am not sure if Tesco's are one of the stores that do this but a lot of places have signs up saying..

    "Please check your change before you leave the till as mistakes cannot be rectified later"

    Surely that counts both ways and not just when you have been overpaid?

    I think you're getting Tesco mixed up with your corner shop - no big supermarkets have these type of signs.

    This is one of the easiest 'dilemmas' ever - of course you give it back. If it'd been the other way round and the money hadn't credited onto your card you'd have been straight back and no doubt Tesco would have sorted it out.
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    Can you verify a mistake has been made? If yes then toddle up with the money. If not then the onus is on them to prove a mistake was made. I'd also be asking for verification from a more authoriatative source than the clerk (e.g. supervisor)
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    I can see that it would be totally possible and legit to keep the money.

    However I could not live with myself. I am sure the cashier would have learnt their lesson through the worry and fear of them losing their job (and if I didn't feel it was the case I'd hold out for longer) so I would return it.

    As it would be based soley on the person whose job was on the line, I'd speak to their manager to ensure they'd keep their job as a result of me returning the money.

    Having said that, the attitude and customer service skills of whomever served me would also come into play. Poor customer service and a disrespectful attitude could completely turn this choice on its head...
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