Money Moral Dilemma: Should I return the overpayment?



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    Of course if it's a genuine mistake you should repay the money. But I would have thought that for the benefits of an audit trail there would be some kind of paper request made to you to provide evidence that the claim for a repayment was a genuine one not just being made by an employee over the phone who might just be trying to make a bit of cash on the side.
  • If it is quite obvious that you have had the money twice then hand it back.
  • I think if you are in no doubt you were overpaid you should pay back without question, it's a fair cop etc.

    However, as you are unsure I don't think it's asking too much that you ask for something more than the word of the clerk. If he is convinced he overpaid you there must be proof that convinced him of that, he can in turn show it to you. If he can prove it then you should pay back the money, grumbling as you do so.

    I worked in Wm Low many moons ago. I was on the tills, turned to a wee woman who only had 5 items and told her that the balance was over £50. This didn't add up as she only had tins & cereal! Turned out the guys in front of her hadn't put the next customer sign up and as I carried on scanning they legged it with their messages. I was taken into the managers office and told of my error, advised it wouldn't be getting me into trouble as I had a clean record, but that any future events would be treated differently. They didn't ask me to pay for my error or track the guys down.

    I suspect that if this clerk thinks they're going to get into trouble, they've probably messed up before (and will again). Perhaps the clerk figured out the problem at the end of the day and made the money up himself to dodge a bullet. Perhaps the error wasn't reconciled with your payment until they had time to go through the transactions and his manager is asking them to sort it before it gets escalated. Either way, it isn't your problem if someone gets into trouble over it, it is perfectly reasonable to ask for & see proof so you can pay the money back (& get a proper receipt for the transaction) and if everything is above board it will not be a problem for Tesco to provide you with said proof.
  • Personally, I would pay it back. It boils down to the fact that it isn't your money, and whatever your views may be you shouldn't have something that isn't rightfully yours.
    Saying that, I would definitely go into the store and either speak to a supervisor or ask for some kind of proof, as other posters have said, just to ensure it is all legit.
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    I would want more details as suggested by the previous repliers here.
    How do we know that this is real and not someone trying to pull a fast one?
    I just cant imagine the company telling the person to phone. I would have thought it would have been in writing and by a senior person at that.
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  • I am a former supermarket bod and this seems fishy.

    They would have noticed before the week was over. All tills tend to be checked every day, so It would have been noticed the next day. At least that's how Morrisions and Asda worked and I am certain that Tescos would work the same way to.

    I would at the least ask for a manager to confirm it, in writing as Sales assistants don't do the ringing, it would be customer services or a manager.

    At the end of the day though I would not pay it back. you took it in good faith and they should have noticed before then. We got told we could not ask customers to rectify the mistake once they had left the shop but if it was on a card then cash office could have delt with it long before that point anyway.

    So nope to me it would be there own hard luck.
  • When errors like this occur you might think oh well Company A makes enough money they can absorb the loss.

    What if any errors made came out of the cashiers bonuses at the end of the month?

    I work at a foreign currency exchange and if I make any errors above £5 then I have to repay that out of my bonus. My bonuses don't add up to much so any error like this could wipe my bonus out immediately.

    Not always the company suffers, sometimes the cashiers do instead.
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    Most major employers like Tesco would not put the onus in the employee to recover or repay the £65. it's not good employee relations or good for morale.

    Morally, yes you should repay the overpayment. However contact the supervisor/manager to find out what the policy is, and if necessary contact Tesco head office, I'm sure their HR will be interested to know what is going on a at store level. If the employee is scared to admit his error to his supervisor, then it points to bad management.

    The Tesco policy on groceries is that if an item is priced incorrectly, you get your money back and keep the item, so I don't see them being any different over this incident, it's a drop in the ocean as far as they are concerned.
  • I dont see Tesco or anyone else for that matter running after you if they over charge you, so no.

    The basic maths skills of a lot of people serving behind tills are quite shocking.
    For companies putting people in a position of handling money they should be investing in lessons if they find their staff are unable to do simple arithmetic.

    For an example.
    If an item is £9.34 and I hand over £10, it's rung through the till but then I find 50p in my pocket. Far too many times this utterly confuses the person serving since then can no longer rely on the machine to calculate for them.

    Tesco have no morals anyway.

    I work in a shop and after being over worked for a good 5 or 6 hours it is sometimes very easy to get confused (even for those of us who are good at maths) when you are used to looking at the till to tell you how much change to give. One of the most frustrating things that can happen when there is a large que of people - is when someone decides to pull out a 50p so that they get larger change, it may help you but it does not help us.

    If you find it after the money has gone through the till keep it to yourself.
  • :j I'd say no don't pay it back the system shound have picked it up straight away and if for some reason they picked it up later you should have been ask in an official letter nmot over the phone, sou7nd too late (a week) and bit too unofficial -- their loss
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