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Cheaper Oil for Fuel?

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  • AdbruAdbru Forumite
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    Got a delivery of 1000l last week from my normal supplier.

    35p/litre + vat (5%)



    (p.s. like the idea of a village doing a bulk order, might suggest that for the next community newsletter :) )
  • I have just had two quotes this morning, one from my usual supplier Total Butler at 32.45p per litre and one from Boilerjuice at 30.74p per litre. Is the price coming down? Is it worth waiting a bit longer? :confused:
  • There are 4000 of us in Northamptonshire buying our domestic heating oil together. The aim is to make the maximum savings. Any one in the country can join in. Look at

    I used this co-op to buy heating oil. It was great friendly service, and was cheaper (30.5p) than buying directly from the company that actually delivered the oil.
  • Its a boilerjuice weekend this weekend, you can order oil and if enough orders in your area there is a cheaper price than quoted, if not enough you can cancel the order or buy at quoted price

    never used it before but doesnt seem like i can lose out - if only i could remember my login details...... :confused:
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  • To all existing and new home heating oil users, here's a guide we've just added to our website:

    Hope it helps
  • mattt44mattt44 Forumite
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    I'd just like to say that I have been using YOBCO for a couple of years now, if I ring round all of the local suppliers and get prices gradually down, it generally comes out at the same price as ringing or emailing YOBCO once. Therefore saving me time and effort (and phone bills, which I put on the free mobile calls anyway)

    Jogger is right they are friendly, I'm not sure if they make a profit for themselves or not, but I don't think so, I am sure that the people running it (and I think David is one) put alot of time and effort into running it.
  • Just ordered from EMO (Shell) DN10 area got the price down to 31.0p per litre for 1500 litres it was the best price I could get, I tried about 8 suppliers, but had to barter with them for that price. originally wanted to charge me 39.5p thats a huge saving on 1500 litres, nearly £130 by my reckoning.
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  • zarzar Forumite
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    We tried ringing round for the first time yesterday but although we found cheaper prices we had to go with the company (secos) we'd used before as it was the only one with a tanker small enough to get into our drive :wall: It'll be almost £200 for 500 litres inc VAT.
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  • apples1apples1 Forumite
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    Have just lookd thorugh quite a lot of posts on this thread desperately trying to find some potential solutions to reducing our oil bill. Many posts are quite old. Does anyone have a list of current links for companies to try when phoning round? Is there a current price comparison anywhere online to save ringing each time? Are there any companies who seem consistantly expensive or consistently cheapest?

    We are currently on a monthly DD scheme with EMO oil (previously Shell) which we have had since moving in almost 2 years ago. DD now falling way short and we have accumulated big "debt" with them. We can't shop around until we have paid that off (its about £1k even though we pay £70 DD per month). We aim to pay off in next few months so that we can then take advantage of better prices (we hope!) elsewhere. Anyone found a workable solution they would be prepared to share? We have a 1000 litre tank (don't know if that is relevant). and we live in Herefordshire.
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  • oapoap Forumite
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    We are desperately clinging on to about four inches in the bottom of our one thousand litre tank, but we are going to have to do something, soon, a friend has paid £400 recently, this is crazy, unfortunately we do not have any natural gas here, (Anglesey) and calor is very expensive as well, we are spending a lot of time in our conservatory , which is free heat, but the weather is still chilly and the house is cold.

    We are going to shop around as we always do, they do vary, but have never managed to get anybody to reduce what they say at the outset, in fact they always say are you a customer of ours?hmmm. Never get tied in to one company, they have got you.

    Find as many oil companies as you can within a reasonable distance, ask your neighbours who they have, try and notice which tankers go up and down your road, often you see one you have never heard of. That is all we can do. We are thinking of just having a half tank, but then sometimes they will want to charge more per litre for less amounts.

    Will keep you posted if we hear of anything. There is a website oilpricecheck. and they send the odd e mail now and again with information, we got o ne the other day saying so long as there is a problem with Iran it will keep going up, what a shambles. There are companies,I think I read on here somewhere, where you can get a few of you together and get the price down, but we tried that and nobody could want it at the same time. Regards oap
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