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'F*** Barclays – brilliantly terrible graffiti' blog discussion

Former_MSE_Lee Posts: 343 Forumite
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  • stesciuba
    What is it that you think is a 'cracking scheme' :) the bike rentals or the graffiti. hehe (no need to answer that one)
  • hazyjo
    hazyjo Posts: 15,470 Forumite
    First Anniversary Name Dropper First Post Photogenic
    Go on, admit it, it was you, wasn't it ;)

    2023 wins: *must start comping again!*
  • Jennifer_Jane
    Yes, very funny, since so much care was done to make it all seamless.

    Saw people using these sorts of bikes in Dublin.
  • SteveP29
    Seems it's going to be the only way to get the majority of the population's feelings about the banks through to them, since they're still raking in million in profit and bonuses and taking no notice of the fact that it was them that caused this horrific situation we find ourselves in.

    I don't care whether it's not in the interests of investors and shareholders, but all of those banks that got handouts from the government, should pay it ALL back from profits before any bonuses are paid to anyone, why should the common man, that stands to lose most by this ridiculous situation, be the ones that shoulder the burden of their incompetence and greed?
  • DigForVictory
    I can see Barclays may not appreciate it. Too bad. The attention to detail & the care per unit are ideas they might care to consider. As well as taking team motivational photos with them... :)
  • sezzie24
    Slightly off track but....

    I thought it was quite funny when someone had written 'Wham!' on the wall which George Michael drove his car into.

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    Christmas sorted for my LO (apart from Frusli bars - they're mine!)
  • RuthnJasper
    It's always nice to see the handiwork of an artistic genius with a streak of mischief... a gem! And a handy piece of advice, to boot.
  • Oneday77
    Oneday77 Posts: 1,242 Forumite
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    Well it sums up my dealings with them.

    Does the same artist do stationery? ;) lol
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  • grahamm
    I'm reminded of the spoof advert that Viz magazine did many year ago:

    No job?
    No money?

    Then !!!! off!

    Gnat West - The frank bank.
    if i had known then what i know now
  • FelinePrincess
    So funny! Although I would have been even funnier if it was lloyds tsb, imho!

    Thought the George Michael Wham graffiti was hilarious too, so simple but so funny!
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