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Great 'Things to do when you move' Hunt



  • mrsk
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    NEH wrote: »
    After reading on here about someone having their car keys packed by accident i would also say leave them in a safe place.

    The only safe place is in your own pocket!
  • ddm18
    ddm18 Posts: 21 Forumite
    Royal Mail redirection is great - BUT don't get complacent. Don't forget that couriers (i.e. pretty much anything you buy online / mail order) won't get redirected - easy to overlook, especially on sites that remember your address details.

    Also, keep every envelope that's redirected from day 1, and write on it (or on a separate list) the company name / phone number, etc, so you can call them up and change your address properly. Don't wait until the redirection is coming to an end to update addresses, because you'll miss some!

    Finally, if you have a removal company, make very clear what stuff you don't want them taking - ideally, get it loaded into your car *before* they arrive. Years ago my parents were planning on staying that night in the old house, and driving to the new one the next day, but the air beds, changes of clothes, kettle, toiletries, etc all got whisked away by the removal guys before they'd realised, so they spent a cold, uncomfortable night on the floor!
  • tealady wrote: »
    Get the beds up and made 1st job. There is nothing worse than being knackered end of moving day then having to make beds.
    Also pack kitchen and bathroom basics in clearly labelled boxes and make sure they are out 1st. Saves the embarassment of having helpers sat on the loo whilst you hunt for the bog roll.

    Having moved 48 times, I can verify that the above advice is invaluable! Nothing worse than being utterly exhausted & then having to locate your bedding & make the bed!
  • aaah loads of times ive moved, hoping this one coming up will be the last (ive said im not going to move after that unless they take me out in a coffin).

    dont forget to inform, dentist, docs, gas, elec, tv licence, water, school, dvla (licence and cars), car insurance, house insurance buildings and contents, tax credits (if u can get thro), child benefit, work/employer, any charities u donate to, your ebay/internet acc, banks (dont forget kids accounts), transplant/donor cards etc, vets, pension, phone and internet, council tax and of course your sure i will have forgot something cos i always do!

    pack all boxes but be wary of removal firms, occasionally a box will go missing, if you put stuff u dont want anymore in a box and label it 'jewellery cameras etc' then u can guarantee that will go astray (but if its full of your old tat u wont care :rotfl:). ALWAYS count the boxes in - we label ours 'Bedroom 1 of 5' etc - easier to count back and the movers put them in the rooms for u.

    Our local ASDA lets u take the bubblewrap from the fruit as it is recycled, but please ASK before u take it, but ive never had a no. Iceland is good for boxes as they have frozen stuff in they are quite sturdy, when u have moved u can put all the boxes and wrap on freegle/freecycle and someone will collect it and even better re-use it.

    keep list of tel numbers in your bag/pocket or even better stored on your mobile tucked in your knickers!

    get someone to look after kids/pets if poss as stressful for them, make sure u have a box handy with toys or pets things/food easily located.

    in essentials box thats last to go, first to open: plastic gloves, bleach, tea towel, hand towel, antibacterial soap, loo roll, teabags, milk, kettle and mugs/spoon and a big fat bar of choccy to share and money for a quick takeaway later, along with cider!!! Put allen keys from dismantling bed etc in the essentials box, then u know where they are.

    dont rely on p.o to divert your mail (i got a xmas card in feb...grrrr), best to ask person who's moving in to keep hold of what comes through but if you change ur address quick with all the above it should only be junk mail coming through.

    only move very fragile things yourself, my cuckoo clock has a warning on it that anyone who touches it will get a headbutt (does the trick)

    check the weather and hope for the best.... and remember its all over in a day

    leave paper taped to the door so u dont forget the meter readings

    good luck and happy movings to u all x
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  • NEH
    NEH Posts: 2,464 Forumite
    mrsk wrote: »
    The only safe place is in your own pocket!

    Well you would have thought, but doesn't seem to happen in my case as they always seem to fall out being so big...:p

    Redirecton isn't full proof and does also depend on your sorting office. Our old one kept putting the redirection over the labels which mean't that some weren't clear which house it belonged to or which person it belonged to, though once mentioned to Royal Mail they did fix it.

    Bit concerned about everyone saying count your boxes, ours won't match to our rooms as we're moving into a smaller place and I'm concerned some will get lost along the line and also we won't be able to keep an eye on the men all day long to count the boxes...:(
  • I've just moved and was stung by Virgin Media (avoid like the plague) as they charge to disconnect internet provided over a BT line, even if you are outside of contract. This is because BT charge them to turn off the internet provision on your line. If you are moving to a new provider, what you should do is move your internet to your new provider in the current house a while before you move, then move it with you rather than just changing provider when you move. This means you are not charged for disconnecting your internet without a MAC code and the new provider will pick up the cost for you. (See for more info on the charge).
  • ztan
    ztan Posts: 400 Forumite
    This thread is going to save my bacon! I'm moving in a few weeks, into a brand new house... and I can't wait! I'm also dreading it though, it really is a logistical nightmare!

    I've already got lists galore... Starting a new one with the help of this thread!

    We've started packing stuff we don't need already, to reduce the pressure nearer the time. It's all labelled, wrapped and sealed... then when it really kicks off, I'm going to number each box and create an inventory.

    I think it's a good idea to get little resealable bags for all the screws and bits from dismantled furniture. I've put sticky labels on them, with "Spare bed" or "Bookcase" written on the front, and they will be going in a box of "stuff to keep with me" I can't imagine anything worse than not being able to find the screws for the bed at the other end!
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  • If you are doing a big move (eg family house), use a reputable remover (BAR member?) and get them to do the packing - everything, or at least kitchen, breakables and clothes (ours used portable wardrobes). Anything they pack is insured. Check their insurance cover before signing up.
    If packing yourself, don't use black bin liners for anything except rubbish - pay a bit extra for see-through ones, then you can see at a glance what's in them.
    My parents, who are super-organised, drew a plan of the new house with the position of all the furniture marked on, and the removers put all the furniture in place and unpacked everything into it, so when they arrived, everything was ready and unpacked and they had nothing to do!
    Check where the nearest corner shop/cafe to your new home is in case of emergencies (lost kettle, no water etc)
    The main point (as mentioned by others) - well before you move, declutter declutter declutter. Do you want to pay a removal firm (or worse, put lots of your own effort) to move stuff which is going to sit in a box in the garage for 5 years? You probably don't need half the stuff you have, so sell it on ebay, freecycle it or take it to the charity shop and let someone else have the benefit.
  • Start looking through your stuff as early as possible after you have decided to move. Remind yourself that everything in your property will either have to be moved, be given away or be chucked. Decide which category each thing is going in and give yourself time to organise it (ie at least a couple of weeks). Some charity shops can come to pick up items if you decide to give a lot of stuff away.

    If you are renting through an agency, ask them if they can come and check the property before your leaving day to advise you on anything you may have missed or something that isn't up to their standards. This gives you a better chance of getting your full deposit back. If not, take photos.
  • mrsk wrote: »
    The only safe place is in your own pocket!
    Not if you are my late grandad!
    He put the keys to the new house in his suit jacket pocket, put the jacket in his wardrobe whilst he helped move some stuff. The wardrobe was put onto the van first ....without emtying the contents. ( don't know why) They travelled 150 mile - arrived at the new house with no keys. Had to unload the van on the street:eek:!
    Welcome to the neighbourhood folks! My grandma was shouting so much we were all embarrassed- goodness knows what the neighbours thought.
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