What's the worst thing you've ever wasted money on?



  • smoking!!!
  • RoxieW
    RoxieW Posts: 3,016 Forumite
    Locked myself out and had to pay £100 for the locksmith :( Then all the usual clothes, shoes etc that have ended up on ebay for fraction of the price :(
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  • JimmyTheWig
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    Bought a car 12 years ago for £300 from a dodgy looking car-lot with an angry looking dog.
    I happily signed that I was buying it as seen for spares or repairs.
    Don't know anything about cars and didn't get anyone who did to look at it.

    First real journey was to pick up my old car that had dies to tow it back home. Never got there. Had to pay out (wasn't in AA back then) to get it towed back home. Gave it to a scrapyard.
  • Dellers
    Dellers Posts: 204 Forumite
    When I just turned 18 I got a 5k loan for a car. I was so excited I just bought the first car I found bearing in mine I didnt not have a licence. To cut a long story short I moved country and sold the car a year and a half later for £600. It was never driven my me just sat in the driveway.
  • andys15
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    Well I have been doing quite well until I had to have an Apple IMAC in June. Read about it, loved it and bought it all in one day. £969 down the swanny. It was on the 0% finance on my credit card purchases. I used Quidco and got £29 back. I loved my IMAC for a few days, then I realised what a mistake I made. I took it back and got a full refund. Assumed my quidco account would not track, but low and behold, it tracked, validated and has now been recieved. So even though I was weak, and it was a stupid purchase, I managed to make a quick profit.
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  • timeshare with my ex husband.. i am now paying the loan off as he is unemployed for 4 yrs! and we never used it nor can we as he stopped paying the mtce... grrrrr
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  • System
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    2. My other rule is I have to wear a new item within 7 days of buying it, otherwise, it goes back to the shop. No exceptions.

    I'm with you on that one. I implemented the same rule a few months ago and it's been brilliant for me! I have ended up taking LOADS of stuff back and getting all the money back for it. In the bad, old days I used to buy stuff and when I realised I wouldn't wear it I was too lazy to return it. I still have stuff in my drawers from six years ago with the labels still attached - it must've added up to £100s if not £1,000s over the years. Will get round to eBaying them some time soon.
  • Hannah_10
    Hannah_10 Posts: 1,774 Forumite
    RoxieW wrote: »
    Locked myself out and had to pay £100 for the locksmith

    Especially bad as this recently cost me £37.95! Pays to phone around!
    I refuse to be afraid of the big bad wolf, spiders, or debt collection agencies; one of them's not real and the other two are powerless without my fear.
    (Ok, one of them is powerless, spiders can be nasty.)

    As of the last count I have cleared
    [STRIKE]23.16%[/STRIKE] 22.49% of my debt. :(
  • morocha
    morocha Posts: 1,554 Forumite
    Yeees...that is exactly what I used to think, except add one or maybe 2 zeros to the fiver...:rotfl:

    I had a lightbulb moment the first time I read the saying "you can go broke buying bargains"... that was me all over!

    It was £600? It's now £200? I'm SAVING £400!! was how I used to think. The next thought was "it's gorgeous, I will slim into it". The next one (as I was walking to the till) was "I WANT IT!".:o

    I have two new rules:

    1. My first question is "do I need it?"... if I need it, I buy it. I look for what I need in the price bracket I want to pay. I don't wait to see things in sales, I decide before I even go to the shops what I am looking for. Sales for me mean I decide I need a black jumper for work, but instead of buying the one in M&S which is practical but full price at £20 (Full price! What a rip off!), I see a designer one for 70% off (only £100!) that is beaded and glittery and dry clean only and so I buy that "because it's a bargain"...

    2. My other rule is I have to wear a new item within 7 days of buying it, otherwise, it goes back to the shop. No exceptions.

    hahah.. well, because i come from Argentina, i can not help it BUT i must convert everything that i buy in argentine currency... so if is let's say 200 Arg pesos.. that is wayyyyy too much* that is £50), i keep doing it despite living here for almost 5 years now.

    my mum is really good with money, i do treat myself but always on the cheap side... i actually do feel bad when i go on holidays aswell and kinda feel i need to justify it to my mum that it costed only £100 for a week in Spain for me, oh and dd, and with that kind of money you don't even able to holiday in Buenos aires for 7 days.

    When i buy something... i always have to think while i am in the queue 95% of the time i put it back.. and my poor op feels so ashamed that i have wasted his time and no, i do not bother, why should i buy it if i dont need it.

    the shopaholic thread helped me a lot.. with these cheap bargains too.
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  • Hi

    No one single big purchase for me but just the constant frittering of hundreds and hundreds of pounds every month which has got me into this position.

    LOVE the 'if not used/worn within 7 days then return' way of thinking. Am deifnitely going to use this going forward!
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    Total Debt at highest: £12,800:(
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