What's the worst thing you've ever wasted money on?



  • Ames
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    Rent. I was eligible for housing benefit but they took a year to sort out my claim, so I used a loan I'd got intending to consolidate to pay rent. I found out when they finally dealt with me that if I hadn't paid I'd have been classed as in hardship and my application would have been dealt with within hours of giving them a letter from my landlord complaining. So then I had the loan, and the original debt I'd planned to consolidate, all incurring interest, so the eventual HB backpay didn't cover much of the debt at all.
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  • SpagBol
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    Interest on all this debt! Oh, and loads of clothes I never wore. I haven't done that at all this year so I'm very pleased!
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  • morocha
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    Silvafox wrote: »
    Is that a joke?! You're very lucky if that's the biggest waste of money you can think of in your life!

    hi, no, it is not a joke, it is true, i am quite cheap with everything... in my wardrobe almost all my clothes cost £5 , i only buy during the sales and i do own branded stuff, but i just can not bring myself to pay full price for anything.
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  • chuckley
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    clothes and shoes that come in more than one colour. Sumthing ticks in my brain that I have to have each colour. of course i only live in the 1 colour. it doesnt matter the overall cost. even if the shoes are £50 each... if it comes in 3 colours... BANG!
  • Two weddings. Waste of f***ing time and money.

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  • Empty_pockets
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    Hookers & drugs.

    Still...cheaper than a wedding.
  • downcdebt
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    1. Lent my ex bf £500 - never saw a penny of it (and just to rub salt in the wound, when we broke up he turned round and told me that not only did he not owe me any money, but I actually owed HIM ££ - grrrrrrrrrrrr....pile of !"£%)

    2. About 8-9 years ago I bought a computer from Currys and paid it off monthly. This was wayyyyy before I had a LBM and the interest rate was awful, and what with paying the minimum back for many many months/years, I worked out that I must have forked out about 3x the cost of the computer (I could have paid it off in a couple of months, but all my money seemed to go on erm.... socialising)

    3. A house abroad. It was due to be finished and rented out about, oh, let me see, 3 years ago now. Builders in dispute means that it is in no state to even visit let alone stay in. It has also depreciated so much it is worth about 1/3 of what I bought it for. I am still paying the loan off now. (Planned to get a mortgage, but they stopped giving them for that country when I went to get one.... hence a bank loan was needed). THE worst financial decision I have ever made.

    4. Oh hang on, thought of another awful decision...Lost - or should I say had £5,000 stolen - long story. I was taken for a mug (along with a few other people). No way of getting it back. If I ever come face to face with the person who stole it.... well, lets just say, it wouldn't be pretty.
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  • Watalie
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    Hookers & drugs.

    Still...cheaper than a wedding.

  • morocha wrote: »
    hi, no, it is not a joke, it is true, i am quite cheap with everything... in my wardrobe almost all my clothes cost £5 , i only buy during the sales and i do own branded stuff, but i just can not bring myself to pay full price for anything.

    Yeees...that is exactly what I used to think, except add one or maybe 2 zeros to the fiver...:rotfl:

    I had a lightbulb moment the first time I read the saying "you can go broke buying bargains"... that was me all over!

    It was £600? It's now £200? I'm SAVING £400!! was how I used to think. The next thought was "it's gorgeous, I will slim into it". The next one (as I was walking to the till) was "I WANT IT!".:o

    I have two new rules:

    1. My first question is "do I need it?"... if I need it, I buy it. I look for what I need in the price bracket I want to pay. I don't wait to see things in sales, I decide before I even go to the shops what I am looking for. Sales for me mean I decide I need a black jumper for work, but instead of buying the one in M&S which is practical but full price at £20 (Full price! What a rip off!), I see a designer one for 70% off (only £100!) that is beaded and glittery and dry clean only and so I buy that "because it's a bargain"...

    2. My other rule is I have to wear a new item within 7 days of buying it, otherwise, it goes back to the shop. No exceptions.
  • 8 theatre tickets for £450 as a christmas treat!!!!!
    What was I thinking!
    I still go to the theatre lots but go midweek on £10 tickets ;)
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