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  • I just called the 'disconnections' number (08442 414141) which seems to be just another Cust Service number as I had to go through a menu system until it said "if you're thinking of leaving us, please press 4" which I duly did.

    Anyway, I was told that I had started my HD subscription service last June (World Cup ;)) so was still 'in contract' so there were no offers available to me.

    I suppose they know that I cannot leave, so I'm stuck with them. I have the complete set of channels inc. all Movies and Sports, and want to retain them all, so his only option of reducing my channels is not really viable.

    Has anyone still 'in contract' managed to get anything from them?
  • iain.r wrote: »
    Just called Sky; they may have caught on to what people are doing over the last 2 days. Offer available on my package is 20% off subs only.

    Iain, are you approaching the end of your contract? how did you approach the subject with them? what packages do you pay for?

    I phoned them at 9am this morning on the dot, saying that I had a great offer from Virgin etc etc (see post above) I think you are more likely to get a decent offer, when you suggest that you will be leaving for a competitor.

    It does seem that offers vary from agent to agent, I suspect that the cost of your existing packages are a factor too, ie if you have everything, they're more likely to want to keep you.

    If I were you, I would call again, stating what you've been offered by Virgin, stating 20% isn't going to keep you as a customer. If you still get no joy, I would actually cancel the contract, I know loads of people who have done this and within a day or two, received letters and calls, offering half price for a year, if they come back.

    Alternatively, if you live with spouse/partner, you could always sign up to a new contract in the other persons name, free install, free box, M&S vouchers etc etc.............there's more than one way to skin a cat.
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    just gave sky a ring, i have the sky world pack with HD pack, chatted about removing packages etc and then the nice lady offered me 50% off the sky world pack which was £52 so now i am paying £36.25 instead of £62.25 extremely happy!!!

    also while i was waiting i could hear in the back ground somebody else getting offered the same deal of 50% off! lol
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    Okay guys so I managed to wangle half price sky TV for a year( That's £17PM for sky world + movie's. I'm also on free line renal for my sky talk service (although I've been on this since September last year).

    Here is what I pay.

    Sky broadband:£7.50 PM reduced from £12.50 as I have sky talk.
    Sky TV and movie's: £17 PM
    HD Sub: £10.50 PM

    So in total I pay £35 PM for
    Sky TV + movie's
    Unlimited BB
    sky talk free time and line rental which is free (I never even use the land line ever so I don't even get call charges)
    HD sub

    I just followed the guidelines on this forum about threatening to leave saying I'm cutting back and cant afford it when they offered me half price:D

    Thank you MSE
  • Do the customer retention team have targets for the number of customers that they need to persuade not to stop their service? If so they probably love this thread.
    There's no sense crying over every mistake.
    You just keep on trying till you run out of cake.
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    Just got 25% off for the next 12 months.
    £52 down to £39.
    Not unhappy with that.:j
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    hi all

    if you have no luck in getting a price you want to pay, and cancel (they give you 30 days)

    can you cancel the cancel as it were, and still stay with them?

    :grouphug: Lets hug!! :grouphug:
  • I called Sky after receiving MSE's email yesterday (26 January) and basically I told them that Sky is expensive and a very nice gentleman gave me 50% off my package for 6 months and told me to call just a month before the deal expires to see what else they can do. Thank you MSE and fellow bloggers.
  • chudies wrote: »
    hi all

    if you have no luck in getting a price you want to pay, and cancel (they give you 30 days)

    can you cancel the cancel as it were, and still stay with them?


    No if you try to uncancel they tell you they don't want your money and they will ban you and 12 generations of your children from ever having sky again.

    Nah just kidding they will uncancel your subscription in a second if you ask.
    There's no sense crying over every mistake.
    You just keep on trying till you run out of cake.
  • After reading my mse e-mail i decided to call sky.
    I called sky last month to get an extra box for my daughters room. I am on full package with 1 multiroom and 1 hd subscription. (£71.00 per mth)
    I was origanally told it would cost me £199 for a new hd box, £60 installation then an extra £20.50 per mth, which i was expecting.
    Told them i would think about it.

    Rang today to try a different tact. Told them i was discusted by this price as i was a good customer for a number of years and that if i was on a lower package they would intall this for free, so asked them to cancel my subscription.
    Lovely lady said she would look into it for me, she came back and said she would install multiroom for free and would only charge me £29.99 for the new hd box. I told her i would have to go away and think about it but then said "listen, if you give me the box for free now, i will go ahead now and place the order". She then said she would just try a different way of doing it and what do you know, it worked,:j

    Im having it installed on tues and my daughter is very happy.
    Im now paying £93 mth but i knew that so not bothered and besides, i do get half price for 3 months in the summer when i ring to

    Give it a try people, you can get the deal you want if you try.....:T
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