August 2010 Grocery Challenge

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    Spiggle wrote: »
    I love marrow this way BUT be wary, the skin can sometimes (often if large) be tough so do not eat it unless you're hugely determined! :D

    We always peel our marrow 1st, then fill and relid, (wrapped in foil & steamed) that way I can slice and serve.. yummmmm
    My grandad Biffy showed me how to cook this as a little girl & I still love it to now I'm not so little...:D
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    £2.09 on cleaning bits in A*da. Oh, and a pasty for my lunch!!
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    Hi all

    Managed another no spend day. Being back at work certainly helps.
    I might just scrape in on budget at this rate :j
    Merry Christmas
  • Spent £1.40 today on reduced sausage rolls and areduced steak pie. Ok-we didnt strictly need it but Id not done tea as Id been trekking about a lot today collecting my Avon orders.
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    Friday saw an emergency spend of 40p - but as it was a medical-type emergency I'm taking it off my GC budget but not classing it as a spend day (on the basis the items weren't general 'needs', weren't Whoopsies that tempted me, and weren't something I just 'wanted'). I nearly passed out at work in the afternoon, and had - unusually - driven to work as I was going straight to OHs after clocking out.

    Last had this happen to me about 17 years ago, and working back over the previous 48 hours (in terms of runs I'd done - Wednesday morning and Thursday evening - and what I'd eaten) I reckoned it was low sugar levels - so bought a pack of 2 jam doughnuts and a small banana. Had one doughnut and the banana before driving, and the other doughnut about 30 mins later.

    Have felt fine since - despite doing another run on Sunday morning and another last night - but now have an emergency bar of chocolate in my locker just in case :o

    Saturday and Sunday were true NSDs.

    Yesterday was a spend day, but only just totted up my spends/added them to by spreadsheet.....

    £7 to come off my GC budget, of which £4.90 was on Whoopsies that would have cost £16.97 at non-Whoopsie prices :)

    Today has been another NSD
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    Spent £4.72 in Tesco yesterday, some apples and a few other bits. Have £126.30 to last until end of month.
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    Morning all

    Have just under £100 to last me the rest of the month.

    £50 of this is committed to a T*sco shop on about 24/8 so that leaves £47ish for everything else.

    It looks doable...I've been a bit lax over the Summer but now I think it's time to start tightening up again...DS's birthday next month :eek:

    Hope everybody is doing OK :)
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    ok just added up my first 3 till rec and we normally spend £80 a week on food , and so far we have saved £36 that includes wine! and we still have 2 shopping weekends to go and we still have a stuffed pantry and freezer!

    we did this buyt buying reduced meats fresh etc and freezing careful shopping , buying a big box of soups tins dried pakets from approvedfoods and meal planning, and food recycling amazed!

    ooh and just got back from the co op they had 4 packets of pork loins, 4 in each pack they are £4 each reduced to £1..wooo loads ..thats enough meat for a long as you like pork its all going into the freezer as i have some butter beans and mash puds that need using up asap, so they will be soup for tea tonight
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  • I didn't SPEND anymore yesterday, but I managed to stretch and use up more than I expected. Dh said "just add a few tomatoes to dinner for veg" (chicken goujons and HM potatoes wedges), but as I had the oven on anyway, I used up bits and pieces of veg, and one of my MANY packs I seem to have acquired of roasted veg seasoning mix, to make roasted veggies (2 patty pan squashes, a large onion already sprouting, a pepper, 5 10-day old mushrooms, a handful of cherry toms from Super 6 deal and a handful of french beans I harvested 2 weeks ago). We had that with dinner, and I used the leftovers to make couscous for myself for today and tomorrow's lunches. (And it used up a load of older veg too!!).

    Today is Chorizo potato bake, which is in the oven with the timer set (possibly just as well, as I jsut got a phonecall that DH was knocked off his bike and probably has a broken wrist). Nothing I can do for a couple of hours, but it will make for an interesting week or two while we figure it all out.
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  • Really sorry to hear about your DH's accident, Winged one. I hope he heals quickly.

    I should have gone to WeightWatchers today and would have spent £1 on a raffle ticket but I'm still full of the cold and feeling worse today than yesterday so I'm giving it a miss. I intend, therefore, that today shall be a NSD.

    Will let you know how I get on tomorrow :)
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