August 2010 Grocery Challenge

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    Hi all,

    I have been lurking.....and will join again in September!

    Hope you are all well....

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    Hello folks glad you are all doing well, and if your not dont worry at least you are working to a figure not just spending freely. I definately notice a difference its a case of asking myself do i really need it and I have got to say 95% of the time the answer is no. Didnt buy anything yesterday, but had a few spends today. Farmshop was £3.60, which was large Milan turnip, and two very large leeks, to make soup with, annd then I was another £6odds in the butchers for pound and half steak mince, onions and tomatoes. I then had to pop to tesco for milk,bread etc but managed to only spend £18 but included in that were quite a few whoopsied breads, cakes etc which have gone in the freezer, will go and add these to my totals, but in general I am really pleased with what I am doing at the moment,

    good night to you all,
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  • Hi - thank you CW18 and Spiggle for the marrow ideas. I have some bol sauce in the freezer so will be trying out the stuffed marrow idea on Weds. Tomorrow I am using up the second half of a 12p whoopsied packet of beansprouts in a stir-fry! The first half went in thai green curry tonight - after I discovered I had 2 extra teenage mouths to feed - added lots of extra veggies!
    This is the first month I feel I have avoided the 'just going to Tesco for milk' trap - I used to come out with £30 of stuff. Now, I try to avoid shops as much as possible! If I don't go in them, they can't get my money!
    Night all.

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    Hi everyone - hope you are all well, what is going on with this weather, it's like Winter here today, going to put the Slow cooker on and make a beef casserole, trying to use what's in the Freezer this month as I want to have a bit of spare to buy all my dried fruit etc for my Xmas cake, mincemeat and puds.;)

    I've updated my total with latest spends, Lidl have a case of 24 tins of Branston Beans for £6, works out at 25p a tin which I think's brilliant. I always add a tin of beans to Chilli and we love them with cheese in a Jacket potato so that's us well stocked up for a few months.:o

    I've also added into my total a spend of £1.99 in Lakeland, I bought a tin of prepared Seville Oranges to make some Marmalade, never used this before and wasn't sure how it was going to taste but I've got 6 jars of fab Marmalade so I recommend it.:D I know it's like cheating but after all the fruit I've been topping, tailing etc this Summer to make various Jams I thought I deserved a little cheat.:)

    Off now to sort the Slow Cooker - have a good day everyone.;)
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    hi Everyone!

    Thanks to the mse'r who mentioned that Br*****n baked Beans were on offer in Mr A.:T I galloped over and bought a couple of packs,plus a large pack of loo-paper and shower gel DS likes at £4 for 5. DH likes Original S****e mint and I got some for £1 each recently in B***s.

    Before I was an mse'r I would not have thought of doing that-stocking up-but I guess my reduced spends have enabled me to stock up each month when I see bargains. That's why I am not seeing a great reduction in monthly spending but I have more for my money. Aha the penny has finally dropped! Now to work on reducing spends and stretching meals further...........:).

    Does that make sense? I am still in bed with the laptop at the moment!

    Take care

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  • Good Morning all - congratulations to those doing well and commiserations to those who are over budget like ME..... Feeling sorry for myself as I am full of cold and on to day 5 now and not alot of improvement. Spent £4 yesterday : ( on a magazine and 2 lots of antibacterial wipes.... if I had been well the magazine would not of been purchased.. Wipes needed and forgot on main shop - downside of a puppy.

    I still have this weeks shop to do before pay day so its not good..... I am £284 against budget of £250 including the new towels I bought .... thats £34 alredy over with a week left to go...

    On the brightside last night OH had spaggy bog but I took my chicken stock out and made homemade chicken and veg soup... it is so delicious got in to it at Christmas with the turkey carcus and have continued with chickens... So nutricious and filling and healthy and GSD puppies like it to.

    So Cheap as well - All you do is boil your carcus in a big pan on the stove I normally add an onion and carrots and celery if I have it. Leave it simmering for an hour or two. Then strain into a clear dish so you do not have the bones in it but add lots of chicken or turkey from the carcus before yo ugreen bin them.

    I then put in fridge for a couple of days or freeze. When you want it you then put it back on stove in a pan and in a seperate pan gently sautee potatoe, carrot, courgette onion mushroom, brocoli and cauliflour or what every veg u want but potatoe thickens it. Once sautee done add to stock bring to boil and then simmer. Season to taste and if still not thick enough I cheat and add one stock cube.

    Lovely and highly tasty. Offski now defo no spend day today. September should be better cos if though there are 2 birthdays we are on hols as well.. Yeah : )
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  • I have to add another €3 to my total - got milk last night and 3l was €2.85 (so over the 50c mark, hence €3). But that should be it for this week.

    I have been trying to think about what is in the cupboards, and there is a lot at the moment. So I really need to avoid the SM for a while and concentrate on the local butcher, greengrocer, the fishmonger on the pier and just get bread/milk/pullups from the small SM (so will cost SLIGHTLY more than large SM, but avoids a lot of temptation). - I need to get the annual total slightly more in balance or I will be well over by the end of the year.

    And I need to do more vegetarian stuff too, as I have lots of veggies in the fridge and coming on the plot, so should use those and reduce meat where I can. I think, if I work on using up what's in the freezer now and all the veggies, I can fill it properly with batch cooking when I take DD's first week of school off (2 weeks time) and then I can stay out of SM's for a good while. I think.
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  • Wantobedebtfree I like the idea of sauteing the veg before you add it to the chicken soup base, will definately try that.
    8.00 this morning I went to Asda (no whoopsies tho) . Got what I went in for as was pleasently pleased to see they do their own electric toothbrush heads which are compatible with our Oral b vitalitys, and half the price at £7.00:j.
    now off to make sausage and bean casserole in slow cooker as it is a bit of a mad day later!
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  • Congrats to all those who are doing well and encouragement to those who're not so happy!

    I did my menu plan and shopping list yesterday as planned and, although it took longer than I thought it would, I ended up with a list of what I needed plus some of what I like to have in the house and could afford. I've carried over what I couldn't afford to next week.

    Did my shop at Mr S this morning (mysupermarket said this was the cheapest option). I plan in future to print the mysupermarket list and take it to Lidl where I'll buy what's even cheaper there and then go to Mr S (or whoever) for the other bits. Mr S is generally my cheapest supermarket and it's on the way home from Lidl so this won't cost me any extra petrol. Didn't do this today 'cause I've got the cold and feel lousy so have cut my coat to fit my energy levels!

    Had some free time after the shopping (probably because I hadn't browsed round the store but only got what what was on my list!) I do my shopping while the cleaner cleans and don't go home till she's finished. Tried to visit M&D but their curtains were drawn. Library wouldn't be open for a while. So I ended up in Beanscene where I bought a Coke because I was very thirsty and some Ben & Jerry's 'cause my throat was so sore and I wanted comfort ... Ah well. It was delicious even if it puts me over £50 for week one of my August budget. I'll have plenty of opportunities to claw it back next week when I'm feeling better and more able to resist.

    Sammy-cat is going to the vet this afternoon which will be another spend (possibly off-set against insurance depending on what she decides to do to him) but that's obviously not on the GB! Other than that, I'm looking for NSDs for the rest of the week.
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    Done my main shop for the week - was only £46.65 which is really good for me. This brings me back under my target (which would be at £255 now for 3 Tuesdays) so I'll hopefully be under my challenge at the end of the month - fingers crossed.


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