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    ecsb wrote: »
    Still waiting and no reply from my email, only an acknowledgement. Can't get into my account, not accepting my password. Not answering telephone. Payment taken. HELP.
    Hi, let me have your order number and I'll check up on the status of your order.
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  • stressedalot
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    i emailed them monday morning & got a reply back that afternoon saying my order was out for delivery between 2.50 & 3.50 & sure enough it was! And only one substitution!
  • Badger_Lady
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    I can recommend the Doctor Juice lemon drinks! Very tasty (not overly sweet like so many), and has 50% of your RDA of most vitamins in it :wink:
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    My delivery driver is really nice, as I work and my OH does not stay in for it we never know when to expect it, he always knocks up my neighbours until he finds someone in. When I am here, he is nice, cheerful guy. Not sure which firm, but deliveries always good.
    My only gripe is that you get sent an email of offers/new items, get straight on the site and half the stuff you really want to order is not there, so then get tempted into buying stuff I would manage to avoid at the supermarket, you know cakes, biscuits, sweets!!! Re refunds the first few orders I did missing items were refunded when goods despatched, handy as I knew it was on its way! Last order a £5 item was not refunded and I had to chase, so be aware that could happen. I have been sent a friendly email and discount code to use, so should be OK.

    My supermarket bill has reduced drastically, but I have home grown veg ripe at the moment and, need to remember the amount I spend with AF.
    Re the farmfoods comparison, thats OK if you have a farmfoods near you! - we dont, have to drive to any shop, so AF ideal. The nouvelle toilet tissue is what I was using mostly anyway and is much more exspensive in Somerfield!
  • blueyellowred
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    Was not happy with my last order - not the items, but packaging, as 6 very heavy tins were placed on top of cereal, marsmallows,bickies and chocolate bars. As you would have guest - tins are Ok, but not rest of the order - burst bags, biscuits and chocolates in pieces.
    Also would be very nice to know approx delivery time as to go to depo and pick up bulky and heavy box is huge inconvenience.
  • Kimitatsu
    Kimitatsu Forumite Posts: 3,894 Forumite
    It depends on the courier as to whether you get an approximate time. If DPD is delivering then I get an hour delivery slot, any other courier and I dont get anything.

    Have to say for the first time ever there was an item missing out of my box this week, but thanks to the guys in the office they went down to the warehouse and picked them up by hand so they cant be sold to anyone else :j and gave me a discount code off my next order.......great customer service!

    New stuff tends to go really quickly! I know I hesitated over some organic cherry bites and by the time I made a decision they were gone! I tend to log in and just check the new products every couple of days, some of the stuff they get loads and loads in but others stock is severely limited.

    Wish list thinking here, but it would be great to be able to amalgamate several orders over a few days to make sure you made the best of the delivery charge, that way you would know you had the goods you really wanted as well as all the other bits lol!

    Got my cornflakes this week 8 boxes for £9.99 and bbe 05/11 :T:T no way they will last that long!
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  • Kamen_Rider_W
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    I have noticed recently that Lindt bars are getting smaller (yes, I know they're not cheap but my local Tesco sometimes has them on offer ;) ) I'm not sure how MUCH smaller but I compared with the silvery wrapper from an old bar, yep, they're smaller.
  • argamemnon
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    I've just had delivery of my 5/6 order inc my first Lucky box wow i'm so impressed that i have to share the list of contence with you

    330g processed peas
    20 long freeze pops
    elysium organic nut selection 200g
    2x Walkers worcester sauce crips 34.5g
    2x somerfields coucous 110g
    4x candy canes
    1x Marmite crisps 34.5g
    2x cup soup tom & veg( 8 soups)
    14 heinz horseradish sachets
    1x penquin mini roll
    3x balisto bars
    1x choc n roll
    1x XXX mints with chilli
    1x fruit shoot 300ml
    1x Old Jamaicia ginger beer 500ml

    All for 99p

    Thankyou Approved Foods for another perfect order and great lucky box ...
  • Snakeeyes21
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    Is it just me or are the deals they now do arent as good as they used to be?
    you used to get cases of stuff for a quid a pop, now they do very few of these and its mainly cous cous when they do have cases on.
  • 415SanFran
    415SanFran Forumite Posts: 743 Forumite
    They have some salad dressing today.

    A case of 6 for 1p! And its Hellmans!
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