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Hi guys, I have started a new thread to discuss Approved Food.

Please keep it friendly and discuss any offers and bargains you find.

What do you like, what disasters have you had?

Please discuss good and bad, but keep it in context.

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  • i have been fighting it ALL afternoon, but in the end i just had to order a few boxes of crisps:D

    the cheeseburger and the beef and yorkshire puddings ones sound soooooooooooooooo lovely...

    apart from the 4 packs of toilet rolls the rest is pure treats.... crisps, chocolates, sweets.....

    sorry i did order a big outter box of cornflakes too:rotfl:
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  • BarneysmomBarneysmom Forumite
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    Hi, is the loo roll any good please? I did order some but gave it to my daughter so haven't tried it?
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    Well everyone at AF uses it and it's one of our very best selling lines.
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  • Barneysmom wrote: »
    Hi, is the loo roll any good please? I did order some but gave it to my daughter so haven't tried it?

    i find it ok, and its great value, ok its not triple velvet soft etc.. but at the end of the day.. you only use it once:rotfl:
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  • hmchmc Forumite
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    i wonder if they are still using the same delivery people?
    i want to order but cant waste 2 days waiting in again
  • EstherHEstherH Forumite
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    I love the Los Toros beef and bean soup. We got it at Aldi and it was obviously on special because it was in the centre not with the other soup. Don't have an Aldi near us, so couldn't pop back for extra. Then on my first visit to AF site after reading about it on here, found that they had it. Bought loads and have just ordered another 30odd cans. Building up a stock for winter.
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  • weavedribbonweavedribbon Forumite
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    i love approved food and have never had any problems with delivery before today.they seem to be using the courier "HOME" now.last time i ordered it was still 1hour delivery slots (which was fab!) but this was 3 hours, between 12 and 3pm apparantly.

    it wasn't even very convenient but i waited in all afternoon and nothing turned up :(.i had to leave at 4pm and arrived home to the dreaded missed delivery i have to reschedule delivery but as i'm going away tomorrow (admittedly this was unexpected when i placed my order over the weekend) i'm not quite sure how it's going to work.

    it's such a shame because it's a cracking site and i've got many a bargain but lately so many people seem to be having delivery issues.
  • maybe because of the time of the year, the delivery people have people off on holidays etc, so are short staffed i know it isnt an excuse, but its strange how its happening more, now its the summer holidays
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  • MothershipMothership Forumite
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    I bought a lot of stuff from them earlier in the year, 3 separate orders , on one of the orders, the delivery man told me that one of the boxes that had orange juice in it burst and it had been sent back, he moaned to me about the mess it had made of his van. I contacted them several times, was promised a refund from ANDREA several times, that never came. Seemingly the box was never returned to them, so what happened to it? there was a lot more than orange juice in it, things I had paid full price for, that couldn't have been damaged. A nice lucky for the delivery man or firm? Maybe, but I certainly didn't get it.
    I also paid extra for delivery, it wasn't a huge amount I lost £25-£30.

    I would not recommend them.
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  • MothershipMothership Forumite
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    Just saw the post about the loo roll, that was one of the things I did get. Farmfoods sell the exact same one 9 rolls for £2, its not that good. Bog standard LOL.
    Their kitchen towels are small and not worth the money. Farmfoods however have really good ones for £1 for two.
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