Clothes - Treat or Necessity?



  • LizD_2
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    Reciting to herself *Must stop reading this thread*

    Now I want to go shopping and i can't!
  • LizD wrote:
    Reciting to herself *Must stop reading this thread*

    Now I want to go shopping and i can't!


    *need or want* *need or want* *need or want* *need or want*
    Was debt free... then went travelling!
  • ZTD
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    or opning our mouths really wide when applying mascara (what's that all about?!)

    I must admit I've never noticed before. I shall look out for it.

    You're not thinking "OMG it's only me who does it!" are you?

    :D :rotfl:
    "Follow the money!" - Deepthroat (AKA William Mark Felt Sr - Associate Director of the FBI)
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  • :D Naaah, we were having a conversation about it in the pub the other day - also about doing 'fish lips' when you put on your blusher!!
    Was debt free... then went travelling!
  • bobbadog
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    I've got an e-mail voucher for 25% off at Dorothy Perkins. It says it can be forwarded around to friends (it's from someone who works at Arcadia Group) and it can be used until Sunday September 17th online or instore. Yes, so if anyone want's it, let me know via PM and i'll e-mail it over x
  • LizD_2
    LizD_2 Posts: 1,503 Forumite
    I've been Money Tipped!

    *need or want* *need or want* *need or want* *need or want*

    Resisting now!

    Although I do have some birthday money left....:whistle:
    Actually I have about 6 items cut out and waiting to be made up. Think I'd better have a sewing weekend.
  • I have two 'wardrobes' - one 'smart' for when I go out once in a blue moon, and one 'working', for when I'm crawling around the floor picking up Lego, mopping up vomiting children, cooking meals with indelible stains and hoovering the soot up off the carpet! For this wardrobe, I tend to buy cheap t-shirts (never more than £2 and that's pushing the boat out) and leggings, and for the other, I try to buy classic pieces that will last. My good wool coat, which cost £100, is still going strong after 20 years (and no doubt will come back into fashion any day now ....) I just can't afford to pander to fashion, but I 'update' jeans and smart clothes with small bits of cheap, fashionable jewellery; Sainsbury's is quite good for this and I usually scrub up quite well!
    Wins July/August '09: £10 Cheque; E45 Endless Moisture Range; Avon Lip Gloss; £250 Fat Face Vouchers; £5 Chiquito Voucher
    Thanks to all who post comps - it really is appreciated!
  • HappySad
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    When something has a tear in the seam I just sew it back to new. Very rarely need clothes so mainly getting more clothes out of luxury of fashion and my own changing style. If your clothes need a safety pin to hold up then changes it can be sewn back to life.

    I have own clothes for over twenty years and it is very rare for them to wear out. Only socks and knickers wear out for me so they are replaced when needed.
    “…the ‘insatiability doctrine – we spend money we don’t have, on things we don’t need, to make impressions that don’t last, on people we don’t care about.” Professor Tim Jackson

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    This is a tough one for me - I don't have a lot of clothes but when I do buy clothes I tend to spend a bit of money on them, and they last me for years and years. I "wardrobe plan" almost like I meal plan, so nothing gets bought if it doesn't go with anything I already have. I like having nice, good quality clothes and would rather scrimp elsewhere to get them. They become old friends and it's really nice to dig out all my old favourite winter clothes at this time of year - my lined wool skirts etc. The other advangate of spending on more expensive makes such as Boden, Jigsaw etc is that they sell very well on Ebay. I have sold Boden tops for more than I bought them for! Tops I tend to change more often than skirts - Dorothy Perkins is absolutely fantastic!

    But I do agonise over whether it's a better economy to buy stuff from Primark etc and wear it until it's done or spend more and get years and years of wear out of it:o
  • to me clothes buying has always been a treat, which is wrong seeing as how it is in fact a necessity, like someone else said, you can't go without? i'm also too vain to go out the house looking a mess, or in facy sit about the house looking a mess. i'm one of those who does not leave the house without any makeup on, but that is mainly due to my excema making a horrible mess of my eyes, always red now :(, so at the least i have concealer, nuetral eyeshadow and mascara on.

    most of my clothes come from primark, matalan, asda etc especially as i'm now a 10 in asda :j and i rarely pay full price for anything, but i agree with the previous poster who pointed out new clothes make you feel good which is something i find very important, which is why last week i spent £32 for new bra and thong from la senza, noone saw it except me (and my friends who i felt the need to flash it at after a couple of cola's) but it sure made me feel good, and as it's being kept for 'special occasions' it's not gonna be ruined in a week!
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