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Cheap meals

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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Old Style MoneySaving
I am trying to come up with some main meals that are relatively cheap to cook, just for a bit of inspiration really and a kick up the derierre to give my moneysaving a good start.

The only things i can think of at the moment is :

Liver and onions.

Cottage/shepherds pie

Toad in the hole

any other ideas that i can add to my list?


  • pavlovs_dogpavlovs_dog Forumite
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    corn beef hash was always a favourite in our house when we were kids...take a tin of cron beef and mash it into a pan of mash - -instant comfort food :D

    goes down well with some beans and maybe a poched egg. cheap and filling :)
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  • Lillibet_2Lillibet_2 Forumite
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    Jacket spuds/stuffed potato skins


    Cooked breakfast for dinner!

    Beans on toast

    Cheesey potato pie

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  • fazer6fazer6 Forumite
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    Omlette and pasta/potatoes

    Home made pizza.

    Risotto/special fried rice/chow mein

    (all these just use up leftovers and sprouting/wrinkly veg)

    Sunday roast which gives you enough meat for a couple of extra meals (I use the leftovers in sandwiches for work and then for a meal). A whole roast chicken will go quite far on its own, then I guess once the meat's gone you could use the carcas to make your own stock, use that with leftover veg and you've got soup.
  • picklepickle Forumite
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    tuna patties
    noodle stirfry (with beef or chicken)
  • SarahsaverSarahsaver Forumite
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    sausage casserole
    bubble and squeak
    the famous BREVILLE MEAL which we have once a fortnight!!! (toasted sarnies!!!)
    BIG soup homemade of course, bulked out with pasta
    pasta with a tin of tuna and a dollop of pesto mixed in
    baked potatoes with toppings
    big omelette with old vegetables in it - onion, peas, carrots, anything goes:)
    leftover surprise... what we had for lunch (early - the kids got up early) fishfingers, chilli, chinese beef and veg and rice - all odd sized portions from the freezer
    pancakes with savoury fillings for main course then sweet for dessert
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  • SpendlessSpendless Forumite
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    Spag Bol to use up sqidgy tomatoes and other veg (mushrooms,onions,peppers). Use stick blender for few secs to hide veg from faddy kids!!

    Tortillas, uses up leftover meat(pork,beef,chicken) and any salad veg (lettuce,tomotoies,spring onion,peppers). Make owm salsa or kids put bbq sauce on theirs. I buy ready made wraps but the clever ones on here will make their own.
  • tifftiff Forumite
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    Sweet and sour (using up leftover chicken or pork) with rice or noodles
    Vegetable chilli

    I made pancakes this week with vegetables in a cheese sauce. If you make the pancakes and stack them with greaseproof paper. Then fill each one with the veg (I used onions, green pepper, carrots, courgettes, mushrooms) and sauce and roll up and put in a dish. Then put in the oven for 15 mins with grated cheese on top. It went down really well with the kids as they love pancakes, I had to warn them in advance that we were only having savoury ones though lol
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  • Tuna and pasta - mix a tin of tuna, tin of economy tomatoes and pasta together, add garlic and tomato puree if you like.
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  • SystemSystem
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    Theres many more ideas here, that i could have imagined. keep them coming guys we have a great idea for a thread here.
  • we have spicy mince

    make bolognese (not too runny) and add tabasco sauce, hot pepper sauce or chilli sauce (or leave as bolognese if you're not fond of spices. add to cooked pasta shells, stir till shells fill up and serve. quick and easy
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